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Reversal Of Fortune

Yale! Rory stops by Logan's dorm. Logan says he is surprised by her visit, but invites her in. Rory cuts to the chase and says she can't do the casual relationship thing anymore. Logan immediately gets defensive, saying that he didn't force Rory into anything, and that she knew what their arrangement was from the start. Rory says he's right, and that this isn't Logan's fault. She just can't be "one of the many" anymore. You know who else didn't like being one of the many? Lindsay. Or, for that matter, Dean. Logan's roommate chooses this inopportune moment to announce that a girl named "Cassandra" is on the phone, and that she has a sexy accent. Logan tells the roommate to take a message and go away. He does. Rory tells Logan he can take the call, because they're done talking. Or at least, she is. Logan paces around and accuses Rory of issuing ultimatums. Rory says she isn't, she's just a "girlfriend" kind of girl. Logan says he'll be her boyfriend, then. Rory says that's impossible. Logan says it is possible, and then another one of Logan's Ladies comes to the room, asking Logan to take her out to lunch. Because that's what guys who sleep around do -- they take women out to lunch. Rory asks her to excuse them for a minute, and Logan closes the door in the girl's face, because she is happy with just a casual relationship, and is therefore worthless. Logan tells Rory that he wants to be with her, and that if this is how it has to be, then he's willing to give it a try. "New beginnings," he says, and invites her to accompany him to lunch, as soon as he makes that other girl go away. I feel sorry for that random girl, who is about to find out that Logan actually would commit. Just not to her. I'm sure she'll understand when she sees how wonderful and amazing Rory is, though.

Paris arrives at the dorm and finds Doyle in her bed. He explains that he's really sick, and that his roommates kicked him out. He had nowhere else to go (apparently the Yale Infirmary is not open on weekends), so he came to Paris's suite. Who let him in? He did try to call and ask first, but Paris didn't answer her phone because, of course, it was with Rory all weekend, and Rory apparently didn't feel like picking it up. So, basically, Doyle was not avoiding Paris, she attacked the pretzel cart for nothing, and we can now pretend that last week's episode never happened, hooray! Doyle asks Paris to feel his forehead so that she can see how sick he is. Because one of the only pleasures you get when you're sick is having someone feel your forehead and be all impressed by how hot it is. That, and when your stuffy nose has been driving you crazy all day and then you spray Afrin into it and it totally clears up.

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