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Reversal Of Fortune

Luke has made himself at home in the kitchen. Sookie calls, asking for an update. Luke brushes something onto some tasty-looking roast ducks and says that everything is fine. Sookie tells Luke to be sure that the duck sauce is strained twice. Luke hands the phone off to Lorelai, who asks Sookie where the temporary Sookie replacement applications are. Sookie says that they're around somewhere. Lorelai hangs up on her and turns her attention towards Luke. "I love watching you cook. It's hot," she says. Luke simply responds that Lorelai is standing next to the broiler. "Oh, is that what we're calling it now?" Lorelai says, her voice low and seductive. "Not in front of the guys!" Luke orders. "Fine, I'll save my dirty cooking jokes for later," Lorelai responds. I'm hoping that by "later," she means "a guy who isn't so uptight and actually appreciates my efforts."

Lorelai is sick of working, so she goes home. Upon entering the house, she hears a noise. She picks up a pillow for self-defense, and asks who's there. It's just Rory, visiting without calling ahead again! Judging by what I've seen from Lorelai and Luke's relationship, though, it's not like Rory is in danger of walking in on something she'd rather not. Rory says that she just stopped by to pick up a dress, but she will only tell Lorelai what she needs it for if Lorelai promises not to say anything, because she already knows what Lorelai will say. Lorelai says that's not necessarily true; she has been known to say some very surprising things. For instance: "Hugh, I know you're with Elizabeth Hurley, but how about picking up a hooker tonight?" A Hugh Grant prostitute joke? At this rate, Lorelai will be joking about the time General Washington spent Christmas Eve sailing across the Delaware River before the episode ends. Rory announces that she and Logan are officially "boyfriend and girlfriend," and, apparently, in sixth grade, and she is going to dinner at his parents' house tonight. She walks away, and Lorelai makes a sour face. She follows Rory to her bedroom, where Rory tells her about how Logan decided to "commit" to her, and she's very happy with this and is sure Lorelai will be too, eventually. Right now, however, Lorelai is shoving a pillow in her mouth so as not to make her unhappiness with the situation known.

Sookie calls Luke again. She demands to know whether he puts walnuts in his béchamel. Luke says he does not, and that he has to go. Sookie says that she tasted walnuts. Luke asks Sookie how she was able to taste anything he cooked, since she is supposed to be resting at home. Sookie doesn't answer this question, instead yelling at Luke for messing with her classic béchamel and putting goat cheese in the fennel salad. Luke asks again how Sookie got hold of his food. Sookie says she didn't have any; she just assumed. Sookie may want to think of a better lie before calling next time. Luke asks if Sookie is making her kitchen staff sneak food over to her. As Sookie denies this charge, Luke spots a staff member rushing into the kitchen with an empty Tupperware container, fresh from a delivery to Sookie's house. Luke puts the phone down and makes a kitchen-wide announcement that from now on, the food does not leave the Dragonfly. He says it again in Spanish, although I have no idea how or why a small town in Connecticut would have a predominantly Spanish-speaking staff. Get your head out of Los Angeles, Amy Sherman-Palladino! Luke gets back on the phone and tells Sookie to chill the hell out and let him cook. This will not happen.

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