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Reversal Of Fortune

Lorelai runs into the kitchen with a comment card from the dining room. She reads it to Luke: it says that the food was really good, and proposes marriage to the chef. Luke asks what the comment-card-leaver looked like. Lorelai says she didn't say the comment-leaver was female. "I'll stick with what I have," says Luke. Charming. Luke compliments the kitchen staff, and Lorelai is happy. She leaves, and Luke notices Pedro sneaking out of the kitchen. Luke follows Pedro up the stairs and into a room, where Sookie is lying in bed. Luke and Sookie bicker as Pedro stands around awkwardly with a ladle full of Luke's cooking. Sookie says that she had to "make sure" Luke was doing a good job with the dinner. Well, that's certainly worth endangering the health of your baby for. Luke announces that Sookie's interfering ends right now. He walks out, leaving Pedro with his ladle. "Give me that ladle!" Sookie orders. Luke runs back in, grabs the ladle, and walks back out, leaving Pedro holding only the ladle cradle. I like a show that makes full use of ladles as a comic prop.

Richie Rich makes small talk about boats, because rich people love to talk about boats. I'm sure the Rich family own a boat rivaled only by the Titanic in size and general grandeur. Sister Rich says that they should all take a family vacation on the boat, and bring Josh and Rory along. Grandpa Rich responds to this suggestion by slamming his fork down, and then asking Maid Maria for a salad because his meal is too hot. You see, rich people don't have to wait for their food to cool down. Mother Rich excuses herself from the table, and Richie explains that she smokes when she's stressed out. It's supposed to be a secret, I guess, and yet Mother Rich does it in the very next room. They probably own one of those expensive air purifiers from Brookstone that filters out the smell. They are really rich, you know. Rory whispers to Logan that she doesn't understand why people are so upset; Josh seems like a fine man. "The Huntzbergers aren't interested in 'fine,'" Richie responds.

Mother Rich only has time to take one drag before Grandpa Rich calls her back into the dining room. He says he's sick of waiting for Mitchum to get home when there are "serious matters" to be discussed. "This is an important family!" he gruffs. "Marrying into it is important business!" Josh straightens his tie and looks even more uncomfortable than he did before. Maria gives Grandpa Rich his salad, and he yells at her. Richie says he has to "jump in" and stick up for his sister. As long as Sister Rich is happy with Josh, he says, everyone else should be happy for her. Sister Rich thanks Logan for the support, and says that she is happy with Josh and doesn't appreciate her family's passing judgment on him before she even has a chance to announce their engagement. At this, Mother Rich just smiles and says, "Of course" Sister Rich is marrying Josh, and Mother Rich has already put a hold on "the Japanese Tea Garden." Of course, by "Japanese Tea Garden," Mother Rich means all of Japan. They're very, very rich.

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