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Reversal Of Fortune

Jackson runs into the Dragonfly kitchen and yells at Luke for making Sookie upset. He threatens to kick Luke's ass if he does it again, and leaves. Luke storms off to find Lorelai, who is in the parlor. He says that he has "had it" with Sookie and her ladle-stealing, Inn-sneaking-into, double-sauce-strain-demanding ways. This is the first Lorelai has heard about any of this drama, since she apparently spends her Inn management time screwing up magazine interviews and going home to drink orange soda and stick pillows in her mouth so that she won't pass judgment. Luke says he is through! Lorelai isn't too concerned, since she doubts that Luke, being her boyfriend, will quit. I doubt that Luke is her boyfriend. Luke says Lorelai is right, and that he can't do anything except vent and threaten to quit without actually quitting. He returns to the kitchen.

Lorelai finds Sookie's secret room. The bed has food all over it, but no Sookie. Lorelai finds her outside, escaping the hotel in a golf cart with Jackson at the wheel. "If this is the eccentric-couple version of The Amazing Race, I think you guys are winning," she says. And while I do appreciate Lorelai's effort to make a timely pop-culture joke, I must add that since all versions of The Amazing Race are eccentric couple versions, that's just redundant. Jackson says that they are not talking to Lorelai because she is with Luke. Sookie says that she has no problem with Lorelai. Lorelai calls Jackson "crankypants," and then tells Jackson that if he's not going to stop the golf cart, he could at least let her ride in it. She climbs aboard. Lorelai asks Sookie if she ever actually had any culinary school applications. Sookie says that no one was "good enough" for the job. Lorelai says that while no one is as good as Sookie, there are plenty of people who are "good enough" to replace her while Sookie has her baby and stuff. Like Luke, who Lorelai says may not be used to such fancy cooking, but did his best. Sookie argues that Luke is actually really good, and that his lamb chops are amazing. Lorelai tells Jackson to pull the cart over, since they're at their house. He does, and helps Sookie out of the cart. Lorelai points out that kitchen worker Manny seems pretty capable. Sookie says he should be, because she taught him everything she knows. Lorelai suggests that Manny replace her. He knows her secrets, and they can "keep it in the family." The family of tongs and scary men who sit in the corner (check the trunk). Jackson says everything turned out pretty well in the end, except for the fact that their unborn child probably just died.

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