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They've Got the Boat; They Just Need the Shark

Miss Patty's party. Sookie is wearing...a cake, it seems. Who put that woman in that outfit? ["I think I tried on that dress at Anthropologie when I was looking for something to wear to your wedding, and...yeah. Looks so pretty on the hanger, but when you put it on, it's beeeyad." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai is sniffing herself, commenting that she smells like trees. Sookie does, too. Lorelai calls themselves the crazy pine-scented ladies. So are those Murphy's Oil church ladies. Lorelai zones off, thinking about Luke. I stare at Sookie's tan line. Miss Patty wears what appears to be a bat costume and starts her stage show. Kirk misses his line because he's reading Yoga for Dummies. Miss Patty launches into "The Coffee Song," which could also be the theme for this show. You can tell they put this in later because the extras are just bopping their heads along to no beat at all, not knowing what the hell this song is so they can't even fake it. Nobody's moving in the same rhythm. Lorelai sees Luke moping outside the window. Looks like anti-social moping is a family trait. Lorelai heads outside.

Lorelai walks over to Luke, who immediately apologizes for sucking. She apologizes for getting involved and not thinking like how he'd think. Luke interrupts her apology to kiss her. She asks him in, but he's still having his Dark Day. He just didn't want to be fighting. They kiss some more. He leaves, and Lorelai beams.

Luke wanders into Lorelai's garage and stares at the boat. He touches it, taking a deep breath.

Richard finds Logan on the bench that's not famous. He says he just heard about "The Incident," and how Logan professed his love for Rory in class. Richard explains that Professor Bell and the Dean of Admissions are close friends of his, and that he thinks Logan has excellent taste. He tells Logan that what he did wasn't appropriate, but what's done is done. He smacks Logan on his dumb leather jacket. He immediately sets to planning their engagement and subsequent marriage. Logan shouldn't wear that turtleneck with that jacket. Richard tells Logan to make sure Rory's happy. He says it's been nice seeing everybody, and that they can get back to their "coffee break." Heh. My entire life is a coffee break. "Welcome to the family, son," Richard says. Richard walks away from the gobsmacked Logan. He touches his nose, beaming. The strummy-strummy plays as Rory touches her nose back. I once had a professor make this little gesture to me after saying, "I'm a bit under the stairs." I still have no idea what he was trying to convey.

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