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Luke brings the smoothie to Dean, who's awake. Since he's never been there before, he had to look out the window after he woke up to figure out where he was. Dean says he had too many beers last night. Luke says it happens. There's much small talk about how Dean is getting married today. They don't talk about Rory. Dean says he's got to go pick up his tux and get to the church in an hour. He thanks Luke for everything, and then leaves to the strummy sound. Luke wishes him good luck.

Rory and Lane walk through the town, wondering where all the good musicians are for Lane's band. Lane says she's off to the music store to look at things she can't afford. Rory says she has to go get ready for the wedding, which starts in ten minutes. Luke comes out of the diner as Lane leaves. He asks for Lorelai. Rory says she's probably out getting Dean's wedding gift. Luke asks if she has her cell. Rory says it's probably dead. She says they can stop by after Dean's wedding. Luke tells Rory not to go to Dean's wedding. He says she really shouldn't go, and asks her to trust him on that: "It'd just be better this way." Rory says she won't go, without an explanation, which means she really didn't want to go, I guess. Luke leaves, and so does Rory.

Kirk finds Lorelai, who's holding Dean's wedding gift, to tell her that the alarm has been disconnected, and that the roofer will be out tomorrow to fix the damage. He apologizes for the inconvenience and brags that he has a strong sense of chivalry when it comes to women living alone, because his family tree dates back to a 12th-century knight. As a kid, he thought that meant he was related to Ted Knight: "I wrote a lot of letters. He never responded." He says he wanted Lorelai to feel safe, so he hopes she doesn't mind. Lorelai sure doesn't, so she leans over and gives Kirk a kiss on the cheek. Aw, man. They're so dating now, in Kirk's eyes. Way to go, Lor. Rory finds Lorelai. Lorelai tells her that she found the perfect present for Dean, and Rory informs her that they're not going to the wedding because Luke said they shouldn't. Lorelai says she'll go talk to him, but Rory says she shouldn't. She says that Luke was kind of upset, and that it's better that they don't go to the wedding. As Rory and Lorelai walk home, Kirk follows them "in a little clown-y car."

Michel is taking pictures of the Dragonfly. Lorelai and Sookie hold sledgehammers, and are going to pretend to be demolishing the porch. I say: "I bet Sookie's going to lift that hammer and her water will break." My boyfriend asks: "Why do you think that?" Me: "Because I'm not sure why else we've watched this entire episode. Wasn't this supposed to be about Dean and Rory? Not Taylor and Lorelai. It's got to be the labor episode. One thing ends, another begins, blah blah." But, no. They just take the picture. And Lorelai gives a speech about how it's not that the inn is a part of their lives now; it's that, for a short time, they are a part of the inn's life. That camera, tossed on the Jeep hood, is taking a picture of their torsos.

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