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CuteDean's Not A Virgin Anymore

Dean's wedding is over. Thanks. We can't really see who attended the wedding, but they're filing toward the tables, around the gazebo. From the other end of the town square, Rory watches, leaning beside a tree. She's got a bitter taste in her mouth. We see Dean and his new bride walk past the cheering crowd (not a single recognizable townie in attendance). They pose for pictures. Rory doesn't cry, but looks uncomfortable, like something's missing, or lost. That could have been her up there. And maybe that's not what she wants, but now it's something that's never even an option anymore. Her life has changed, and she and Dean have done in different directions. But that's okay. Because Gilmore Girls loves nothing more than breaking up a marriage.

Next week: Dean, schmean! Rory's a datin' machine!

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