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Lorelai's house has a trail of Post-It notes. Rory wanders into the hallway, and Lorelai yells for her to follow the paper trail. Rory asks if this seems weird to her. Lorelai says she's spent the entire morning tracking that motion detector. "What an excellent use of your time," Rory says. As long as Rory stays on the path, the alarm won't go off. "So I should follow the yellow-stick road?" Rory asks. Hee. Lorelai: "We'll be here all week, ladies and gentlemen. Try the veal." She then tells Rory to stop and read the Post-It where she's standing. It says she needs to crouch down and hop. Rory scoffs at this, but Lorelai orders her to make like a hunchback bunny. Rory does, saying that she had once promised that if she ever went to therapy, she'd keep Lorelai out of it, but now she's left with no choice. Rory asks if Lorelai called the security company again. Lorelai: "Yes, Meg sends her love." It's very un-Lorelai for her not to have Luke down here fixing it at the crack of dawn. Lorelai says she'll stop by on her way to the Dragonfly. She asks Rory about her day's plans. Rory plans on hanging out in town, reading, drinking coffee, and having a perfect Stars Hollow day. The credits tell us this episode was written by Jane Espenson. ["She used to write for Buffy and has also written at least one episode, that I noticed, of The O.C." -- Wing Chun] "How do you do that?" my boyfriend asks me. "I know way too much about this show" is my only answer. "It's kind of depressing." Him: "Because you'll never get to write an episode?" Me: "Something like that." Lorelai's on her way to the Dragonfly to meet with contractors. She and Rory make a plan for a late lunch at Luke's. Rory asks which paper trail she should follow to the front door, since there's a fork in the road. Lorelai suggests the path that looks "more intentional." Rory asks how they're supposed to get out of their house. Lorelai puts one arm on top of the other, and gives a wink and a nose wiggle, à la Jeannie. "I hate Kirk!" Rory pouts.

As we pan down the gazebo to where Rory sits reading, the music goes from external to the tinny sounds coming from Rory's headphones. (I can't tell what Rory's reading.) A catering truck pulls up and begins unloading things over Rory's head, flinging them into the gazebo. The delivery man tells her he's setting up for tomorrow, and tells her to move. Rory asks what's happening tomorrow. Her answer comes in the form of Lindsay's family discussing the reception that will be happening tomorrow, right where Rory's standing now. Wow, they're loud. Lindsay's mom holds up a huge engagement photo of CuteDean and Lindsay. I can't tell if one of them is supposed to be Lindsay. If so, Lindsay got a new haircut over the summer, as did all of Stars Hollow. I want to know who the town's new stylist is. Rory hightails it in the other direction.

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