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Lorelai is outraged that Taylor adjourned the meeting before she got to speak, but luckily, nobody's booking it out of there, so Taylor calls it back in session per Lorelai's request, announcing that the children and elderly of Stars Hollow will just have to remain unattended a little bit longer. Sookie, Michel, and Lorelai take the stand. As Lorelai tries to speak, Taylor keeps on heckling about how they won't have enough parking spaces based on the number of rooms. Then he comments: "So, pave paradise and put up a parking lot." Taylor asks if they're going to serve alcohol and make the Dragonfly a party spot catering to the hip-hop Manson family murderers. Lorelai says that she's been a part of this town for as long as Rory's alive, and that she's always wanted to open this inn, and that she and Sookie plan on making this community as proud of the Dragonfly as they were of the Independence Inn. "You mean the place that burned down on your watch?" Taylor asks. Michel asks if he can slap Taylor. Lorelai's cell phone then goes off, and she checks it, and gets worried because the call's coming from inside the house!. Inside Lorelai's house, actually, and since both Rory and Lorelai are there, they don't know who could be there. Lorelai excuses herself from this very important meeting to take the call, which is on its millionth ring. Michel goes on about deodorant.

Outside, Lorelai finds out that the caller is Kirk, who was responding to an alarm. He says he's detained the suspect -- a young Asian girl practicing in the Gilmores' garage with a bunch of punks. I thought they were practicing tomorrow. The meeting adjourns again, and Lorelai sends Rory over to explain to Kirk who Lane and her band are. Lorelai hangs up. "We failed you," Sookie says. Michel calls Taylor a very unpleasant man. Sookie says that the second Lorelai walked away, Taylor adjourned the meeting and booked it out the door. Lorelai sees Taylor heading toward his market, and says, "You can run, but you can't hide." She follows him. Michel: "Oh, this is cute! 'The Happy Doughnut.'"

Lorelai runs after Taylor, and he tells Lorelai not to sneak up on him like that, because he almost blew his emergency whistle. She wants to know what his damage is. Taylor says he has to do a walk-through with the other members of the Historical Society in order to determine the approval of her...whatever. Whatever! Lorelai lets Taylor pick the time and place. It's tomorrow at 6 in the morning. Moving on.

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