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Christopher follows Lorelai to the counter and asks what last night's sex meant to her. Lorelai says that it meant that Jose Cuervo still has amazing magical powers. I guess so, after just one shot. Lorelai turns and smiles. She says they can't get married, and that they don't even know each other as adults. Christopher says they can get married and then learn. "Well, that's very Fiddler on the Roof of you," Lorelai says. Christopher says that he'll tell her anything she wants to know. She asks how his business is really doing. Christopher smiles and exhales. Lorelai smiles back. He says he was going to tell her if it went worse. Lorelai reminds him that he just sat there last night while their fathers went on and on about how wonderful he is. Christopher says that he didn't want to upset anybody, and calls himself a loser. Lorelai says that he's a liar, not a loser. Christopher says that they're already arguing like an old married couple. Lorelai shakes her head and swears to God. Christopher says she's always been The One for him, and that Rory might be his only child. Lorelai reminds Christopher of the power of Tony Randall's loins, and tells him he has decades left to make babies. Christopher says that it's easier to stay away. Lorelai asks him not to stay away. "Rory needs her dad," she says.

Outside, Christopher is loading up his bike. Rory asks that he call when he gets home. He says he will. She asks him to call more often. He says he will. They hug. He whispers in Rory's ear. She walks over to Lorelai and says, "Dad wants to know if you'll reconsider." Lorelai whispers in Rory's ear. Rory walks back over to Christopher and says, "She says, 'Nope. Offspring sucks and Metallica rules.'" Oh, that's not awkward for Rory. ["Yeah, I didn't buy that either." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai and Christopher embrace and say goodbye. Christopher rides off on his bike. "He wanted you to marry him, didn't he?" Rory asks. Lorelai calls Rory a spy. Rory says that crazier things have happened. "You mean crazier than having your mom and dad married?" Rory: "Yes." Lorelai: "I don't think they have." Rory asks why it's so crazy. Lorelai says that Christopher wants things he's not ready for. Rory says that he might be able to change, and that he came to Stars Hollow when he never had before. Lorelai asks Rory to stop so that she doesn't get worked up over this. Rory says Christopher loves Lorelai, and asks whether Lorelai loves him. Lorelai says that she'll always love him, but that he's not ready for her and Rory. She says that it wasn't right, and asks Rory to trust her. They start walking back to the house. Rory says she thinks there was something different. Lorelai says that Rory might be right, and tells her not to put all of the blankets away just yet.

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