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Luke walks into his diner and finds Lorelai standing there, covered in paint. The place is already painted. He asks how she got in there. She says that the bread guy let her in. He looks around the place as Lorelai bounces and smiles. He says it looks pretty good. He thanks her. She says it's fun. They start setting up the diner as Luke asks where "the guy" is. Lorelai says he's gone. Luke: "Oh. Too bad." Lorelai: "We'll be fine." Lorelai asks whether Luke could put up curtains. Luke says no. They fight over the curtains as we pan back out the diner to end the episode.

Next week, wackiness ensues as Lorelai tries to sneak out of the house after Emily and Richard set her up on a blind date. Ooh, and more CuteDean!

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