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Family Matters

Rory leaves, and Christopher tells Lorelai that Rory is a great kid. He says he wishes he saw more of himself in her than their similar left earlobes. The dialogue gets faster, here. Lorelai: "Why the hell are you here?" Christopher: "Behold the queen of the subtle transition." Lorelai: "Why are you here?" Christopher: "You're gonna force me to lawyer up, Officer." Lorelai: "Christopher?" Christopher says he's been making some changes in his life and he thinks he's gotten himself together business-wise, and he's been tying up loose ends. Lorelai keeps interrupting him to make jokes until Christopher says she's always done that to him and that it's annoying. Yes, it is. Christopher says that he doesn't know how much Grampa has told her, but for the first time in his life, his business is really starting to come together. He has employees and money. Lorelai says she'd love to believe it's true. Christopher sighs and asks why Grampa has more faith in him than she does. Lorelai says that Grampa hit his head a few years ago and now his judgment's a little off. Lorelai says she knows Christopher, and she knows he's the boy who crashed his new Porsche two hours after his parents gave it to him. He reminds her that she was the girl in the passenger seat next to him having the time of her life. Lorelai says she's glad his life is back in order, and that she appreciates his coming all the way to Stars Hollow just to tell her that. Christopher says that's not the only reason he came out there. Christopher kind of looks like Joey Lawrence. He adds that there are some things he needs to take care of. They make it look like he's just about to ask to borrow money, but instead he says that he hasn't been enough a part of Rory's life. He wants to be around more, to "be a pal" for Rory. He says he's not trying to intrude on Rory's life as it already exists, but just to be there for her. He asks for a chance. Lorelai says that Christopher has always had "the door to Rory" open for him, and that he's hardly ever used it. "Well, I'm gonna use it now," he says. He asks if that's okay, and Lorelai defensively tells him that it is. Rory walks back into the room and asks if Christopher wants to go to a softball game with her the next morning. He asks whether she plays softball. Lorelai and Rory laugh until Rory says no. He asks whose game it is. Rory says, "My friend Dean." "Dean?" Christopher asks. "Yeah, Dean," Rory says with the Love Voice. Christopher says he'll go. Rory walks away and Christopher turns to Lorelai to ask, "She has a Dean?" "She has a Dean," Lorelai answers. Christopher says he needs a beer. As Christopher is walking away, Lorelai stops him to say there's more than just an earlobe resemblance there. Christopher says that's good, and thanks her again "for the door thing." Lorelai sits and thinks quietly until the opening credits take over.

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