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Christopher tells Rory that now she'll really remember him. Rory says she didn't want the book that much anyway. Christopher hugs her and kisses the top of her head. He asks her to not tell Lorelai about this. She says she won't. The camera pans over to a few feet in front of them, where Jackson is holding court with a few Townies. He tells them that Christopher is Rory's real dad, and that he seems very nice. He says that Christopher must have some money because he's got that "money nose." Someone in the group coughs to alert Jackson, and he turns around to find Christopher and Rory. As Jackson tips his hat to us, one of the extras looks straight into the camera and smiles. Jackson turns and does the Wuss Run away from them. Perfect. Arms straight at sides, feet flopping out behind him, head cocked just so.

Jackson runs past Luke's Diner, where the camera falls to Lorelai. Luke refills her coffee and says that Rory was at the game today with "some guy." Lorelai assumes that Luke means CuteDean, but then realizes he's talking about Christopher. Luke seems mildly interested, and Lorelai reminds him that she and Christopher had sex. "He did a good job," Luke says. "Impregnating me?" Lorelai asks. Luke says the conversation has taken "a very weird turn," and walks away.

Rory and Christopher enter and sit with Lorelai, telling her about their day in Stars Hollow. Christopher gets a call on his cell phone, and Lorelai tells him to take it outside. He doesn't. I figured this is where Luke decides he hates Christopher, but they don't do anything with it. Instead, Christopher announces that Emily is on the phone, and Lorelai takes the call. "Lorelai," Emily says, beaming. "Christopher is in town!" Lorelai acts shocked and says she didn't know. She says she thought she was sitting across from "an amazing Christopher hologram." Emily says that she has a great idea: Christopher's parents are in town. For some reason, Christopher's father is named Straub, a name that describes either an old, crusty man or a young, vacuous stoner. Only one of those two people, no one else. Emily says that she's called to invite them to dinner, and that they're going to join all of them on Friday night. Lorelai sneers as she realizes that Emily wants Christopher to come to the Friday dinner as well. Emily reminds Lorelai that they haven't all been together in one room since Christopher and Lorelai "were children." She says that Straub and Francine haven't seen Rory since she was a baby. That's some bad grandparenting, right there. Emily says it'll be a "wonderful reunion." How is this possibly a good idea? Emily says she never thought this would happen. Lorelai looks over at Christopher and Rory talking and says, "Yeah. Me either." Commercial.

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