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I guess it's been a week, because the camera pans down to Rory, Lorelai and Christopher standing in front of Emily's closed front door. They are all silent. Lorelai sighs and says, "I've gotta see my parents." Christopher: "I've gotta see my parents." Rory stands behind them and says, "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Drama King and Queen of Connecticut." Lorelai takes a key and unlocks the door.

They walk in and Lorelai shouts that they've arrived. Emily walks up surprised and hugs Christopher, saying that she didn't hear the doorbell. Lorelai says they didn't ring the doorbell, and that they let themselves in with the key Emily gave her. Emily says that the key is for emergencies. Lorelai says that she's starving to death. Emily walks them into the living room. Lorelai goes on about the key to Christopher, but he's just laughing.

Richard hugs Rory, gives a "Lorelai" to Lorelai, and then shakes Christopher's hand. They make small talk. Richard distributes martinis and asks Christopher about his business. I realize I'm not calling him Grampa anymore, but when he's not just hanging out with Rory, he seems much more like a Richard. Christopher says that business is going great, and that he's afraid to jinx it by talking about how well it's going. Richard says he always knew Christopher had it in him, and that he's got a "splash of greatness." Lorelai gets up to grab another martini. Man, she drank that one quickly. Emily says that Rory is the spitting image of Christopher. Rory smiles demurely as Richard hopes that Rory inherited some of Christopher's business sense. ["Rather a burn on Lorelai, who's sitting right there, runs a business, and is taking university-level Business courses." -- Wing Chun] Emily says that Rory inherited Christopher's musical talent. Lorelai sits back down and says that neither Rory nor Christopher has any musical talent. Christopher and Lorelai banter that Christopher has now learned the opening lick to "Jumping Jack Flash." Richard kicks back and declares himself a "Chuck Berry man," which sends Lorelai into a spit take. She says she never would have guessed that sentence would ever come out of Richard's mouth. Emily reminisces about a time when Christopher and Lorelai were ten and they put on a show for them. Lorelai doesn't remember, so Christopher reminds her that he was Schroeder and she was Lucy and he pretended to play the piano on the table. Lorelai asks why that was worth remembering. Emily beams and says it was a "wonderful production." Lorelai says it wasn't a production, but just one song. "Suppertime!" Christopher smiles. "Did you write that?" Richard asks with shock. He compliments Christopher on a wonderful song. Lorelai says it's from You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Richard says he thought Christopher might have written it, because he's a very talented man. Christopher beams at Lorelai, and she goes back to her drink.

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