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Christopher walks by a window in some other part of this house. ["It's Lorelai's old bedroom." -- Wing Chun] He sees Lorelai sitting on the edge of a balcony. He opens the window, walks out, and says that it was a memorable evening. They joke about how to handle the next time they're all going to get together, until Lorelai starts crying. Christopher says that the balcony is beautiful. She says she likes it because of its privacy. He says it's away from everything and everyone. They reminisce about all of the times they used to come out there as kids, sneaking Richard's telescope out to look for alien life. Then when they got older, they'd search the neighbors' houses for naked people. Christopher pulls out a bottle of liquor and they both start drinking. Christopher reminds Lorelai that this is also the spot where they conceived Rory. "Here's to Rory," Lorelai says as she takes a drink. "The bright spot in all the darkness," Christopher agrees, adding that even if she hadn't gotten pregnant, he still wouldn't have made it through Princeton. Lorelai says she doesn't believe that. Christopher laughs and says that's why he's him and she's not. Christopher is suddenly really pale and looks like Giovanni Ribisi right before he dies in Saving Private Ryan.

Back at Luke's Diner, Luke is getting stood up. We pan across all of the cans of paint, and the tarps over the furniture. Luke stands outside looking around one last time, and then gives up. He goes inside and slams the door.

Pan up to Lorelai's balcony, where she and Christopher are making out. They start taking off each other's clothes until they sink to the ground. Fade to commercial.

Pan down to Lorelai's balcony, where she and Christopher are sitting on the ground, putting their clothes back on. Christopher pulls a leaf out of Lorelai's hair and asks if she's "wigged." She says she is. She says this was rather unexpected. He agrees that it was, but that it was also great. He apologizes, but she tells him not to, saying that it was both of their doing. As they go back inside the house, Lorelai says, "My parents have got to seal these windows up, I swear to God."

"So, where were you guys?" Christopher is driving the 2001 Awkward, as Lorelai looks to him before answering Rory's question: "Nowhere." Rory: "Where's nowhere?" Christopher: "Where we were." Rory says, "Ah," and looks at both of them quietly.

Inside the house, Christopher says goodnight to Rory and kisses her cheek. He says good night to Lorelai and she stammers around and eventually pushes him while wishing him a goodnight. Christopher goes into the living room, and Rory starts rubbing some dirt off Lorelai's neck. Lorelai pulls Rory into the kitchen to talk. She asks Rory whether she's okay. Rory says she is. Lorelai says that all of those horrible things that were said were directed at herself, and not at Rory. Rory says that they were directed at Lorelai, for having her. Lorelai says that they were directed at herself for ruining their "big Citizen Kane plans." Rory pouts and asks, "They don't even want to know me, do they?" Lorelai says that's not true -- that they're too proud and angry to see how much they want to know Rory. She tells Rory that it's their loss. Rory excuses herself to bed. Lorelai tells her that there are no regrets for either her or Christopher. She mentions a misspelled tattoo that Christopher might wish were gone, but he doesn't regret Rory. Rory asks where that tattoo might be. Lorelai says that's a story for another night -- the night that Rory decides to go to Mazatlan. Rory kisses Lorelai good night, and goes to bed. Lorelai looks at herself in the mirror, disgusted.

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