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They play a really nice theme song that I don't hate. I wiggle my head and smile. We're now in the other dimension.

A very dour Lorelai is watching television in the kitchen. There is loud music by Rancid coming from Rory's bedroom. The Chilton-plaid daughter insists that her mother is cranky. I think Lorelai hasn't had enough coffee this morning. She cracks, "The world has a formidable opponent this morning." With a gargantuan apple in her hand, Rory points a finger at her mother: "Wait! Shouldn't you be baking?" Lorelai snaps: "Shouldn't you be knitting?" She is grumpy. The Chilton bake sale is today. Lorelai has it covered. They expect things to be homemade. Lorelai knows. Other than Dolly Madison. Lorelai repeats that she has it covered. All of the parents pitch in, Rory says, so this is "really, really important." For the third time, Lorelai says she has it covered; she pours herself a well-needed cup of coffee. The motherly organizational button is pushed as Lorelai barks, "Now get your stuff and hit the stereo; we're late."

In Rory's bedroom, Lane is skanking. Her arms are flailing. Her legs are kicking. Why isn't she at home? Lorelai screams at Lane, "Where does your mom think you are?" Lane quips, "On a local park bench contemplating the re-unification of the two Koreas." All three women leave the house. Lane runs off, and the Gilmore Two meet Babette, Morey, and Cinnamon coming up the lane. Cinnamon is riding in a miniature covered wagon with a yellow canopy that Morey made. Babette explains her cat isn't walking very well these days. Apparently, Cinnamon, despite being somewhat incapacitated, loves her "nice walks." Only they say it in Italian. Don't ask. The canopy allows Cinnamon to be "alone." The neighbours trot off, carting the world's most embarrassed cat behind them. Rory cracks, "Okay, our town is just weird." Hallelujah! At least they're not all hanging out on a tired coffeehouse set pretending to be New Yorkers. Oh, did I say that out loud? Right, Rory gives her mother a quick kiss on the cheek and runs off to catch her bus. Lorelai teases her daughter some more about forgetting the bake sale and gets called a sadist in return. Finally, we see a bright yellow knapsack carting itself down the road.

Incidental guitar strumming music comes up as we see the bus round the corner. Everyone is so awake in this show. Rory's reading a book. Dean approaches, sees Rory, and smiles a very large, very cute smile. Rory steps onto the bus while some woman is crooning: "la la la la la la la la la la la la." You'd think the music would be really annoying but somehow it's not; I barely notice it. Rory finds her seat and continues to read her book. CuteDean slides into the seat behind Rory, leans in, and says, "Hey," very close to her ear. She yelps. Who wouldn't? Rory refuses to look behind her. Dean explains that he saw her standing in line so he thought he'd say hello. Remember last week when I said Rory was incredibly self-assured around the opposite sex? Yeah, well, let me revise my observation: Rory is incredibly self-assured around the opposite sex when they're not arrogant pretty boys calling her "Mary." They exchange some awkward "hellos." CuteDean's not particularly awkward; in fact, he's relatively charming. Rory, however, brings new meaning to the word "awkward." He thanks her for helping him get the job at the store: "It keeps me solvent." No teenager would ever use the word "solvent." Rory says "solvent is good." Dean wonders if she's always this serious, and Rory, looking solemn, says: "No." The poor girl is in pain. Dean does that cute-boy wiggle-your-leg thing while asking her how long it takes her to get to school. Without ever actually turning around to talk to him, Rory explains it usually takes her forty minutes, "but longer if [the bus driver's] trying to win something on the radio." She then turns around, exclaiming that the bus is going to Hartford. Dean, because he's cool like that, knows. Rory says, "But you go to school here! You have to get off the bus!" She stands up and screams, "Hey! He has to get off the bus!" Dean smirks. He leans in to her: "You keep forgetting something -- buses make stops." Even I felt Rory's stomach dropping to her knees. The bus halts to a stop, Dean grabs his book bag, says goodbye to "Lorelai Gilmore," and steps off the moving vehicle, leaving poor Rory dazed and confused.

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