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The "La La Song" is still serenading us as Lorelai enters the coffee shop where her pre-date is to occur. She sits down at the counter an empty chair away from Max. Whose hair now looks like backwards bed-head frozen stiff by Brill Cream. Anyway, they flirt a little and act surprised to see one another. There's something about a cream conversation with a server that prompted Max to feel awful. There's a witty response from Lorelai about this being a tough outing for him. There is the requisite "but it's getting better" reply from the boy once he realizes the girl has arrived. Lorelai orders a coffee. They rally some small talk for a minute. Lorelai thinks they should "cut the cute and get right to it." Max responds, "I think we should date." His nose fits right into the coffee cup as he takes a sip. "Why?" Lorelai asks. He answers, "Because I think we both want to." Lorelai scoffs, "Well, I want to be in the Bangles but that doesn't mean I quit my job, pick up a guitar, and ruin my life." He insists the Bangles broke up. She doesn't think that's the point. Well, it's kind of the point. He's got you there, Lorelai. Max then suggests that they date because they are clearly attracted to one another. That prompts, "Well, I'm attracted to pie, but it doesn't mean I feel the need to date pie." Insert a ragdoll giggle here -- you can't date pie! Heh. He then suggests that they date because they are of similar heights. Lorelai quips, "Wow! Round one and already tapped!"

The conversation turns to more serious matters as Max brings up the fact Lorelai is concerned about the appearance of them dating. He insists that he's the soul of discretion. As Lorelai continues to grill him, Max asks the waitress for hemlock or arsenic -- "something quick!" They discover they both like rap music and Italian food. There is more flirtatious banter. Lorelai starts to explain her relationship with her daughter, and how she would never do anything to hurt her, but a strange man sits down in the spare seat between the couple. Max insists that Rory's not a baby any longer. Lorelai doesn't want to hear that. He jokes about stunting her growth, blowing cigarette smoke on her, keeping her in the closet. The old man gives him the stink-eye and then leaves. Then Max gives Lorelai some cheesy "seize the day" for-love-comes-around-but-once-in-a-lifetime speech that she eats up. Blah dee blah, something in your gut, blah dee blah, you know it's right, blah dee blah, you've got to go after it, blah dee blah, his uncle never saw the girl again. Lorelai caves under the enormous sexual tension, gives Max her card, and suggests they have dinner. As he leaves, Max says, "Good-bye Lorelai Gilmore." Oh, even the love lives are paralleled on this show! Well, except for the fact that Lorelai and Max can actually have a conversation. Rory hasn't quite reached that stage yet.

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