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You know, I don't even miss Friends.

Sookie and Lorelai are at The Diner having a late lunch. Lorelai waxes philosophical for a minute: "Ah, life is a funny, funny thing." Sookie is fixing up her burger and giggling. "Yeah! I love that Jim Carrey." While agreeing that Jim Carrey is indeed a hoot, Lorelai explains she's not being literal. Sookie jokes, "Very serious face. Jean Paul Sartre." Grumpy Luke, The Diner Guy interjects, "How do you guys get any work done?" And then he walks away. Lorelai starts to tell Sookie about meeting Max and about how he's Rory's teacher. Sookie interrupts, wondering if Lorelai got an onions with her burger. She didn't. So Sookie screams in front of the entire diner -- and all it's customers -- "Hey Luke! You forgot the onions." As Lorelai continues to ponder her dilemma aloud to her friend, Sookie starts fixing up the various plates on the counter, adding a garnish here, and tossing some salt there. She doesn't see what the problem is, and Lorelai explains that she doesn't want Rory to have to deal with the ramifications of her mother's personal life. Which I think is incredibly mature and thoughtful. After adding some cayenne pepper and fresh lemon to someone's turkey sandwich, Sookie leans on the counter and says, "You do know that Rory's not a baby anymore." Lorelai thinks that maybe she's thinking too much about the whole situation. Sookie nods. "Plus," Lorelai says, "It'd be great to get -- you know." Sookie doesn't get it. Lorelai repeats, "You know." Even Turkey Sandwich Guy knows. Luke comes out and yells at Sookie for being behind the counter and shoves her back to the other side. Lorelai decides she'll tell Rory, and if there's even an ounce of weirdness, she'll stop dating Max. Sookie: "You haven't told Rory yet?" Lorelai explains that the timing hasn't been right, that this is a very delicate situation, and then she makes an analogy to one of Sookie's soufflés. They get the whole metaphor/literal discussion confused again. Instantly, Rory is at her mother's side: "Mom. You'd better come. It's Cinnamon."

There is a Stars Hollow Animal Clinic van parked outside Babette and Morey's. Rory and Lorelai rush into the house where Babette is standing over Cinnamon's body explaining that she's gone. Rory sits beside Morey on an extremely short couch and asks, "Is there anything I can do for you, Morey?" The man responds, "This is life, Rory. It breaks your heart." Then Babette explains how she thought her cat was asleep: "So, I nudged her, and she didn't wake. I gave her a push, and she rolled off the couch, and since I just waxed the floor, she went flying across the floor. When she knocked over the lamp, and she still didn't move, I knew it was over." Except you have to insert all the Sally Struthers hand movements to really appreciate the comedic genius of the scene. Morey wants to make sure it wasn't the clams. The vet reassures him it wasn't the clams: "In human years, this cat was two hundred and sixty years old." Rory puts a hand on Morey while the vet prepares to take Cinnamon out to the van and says she'll "get out of their way." Babette encourages everyone to stay: "Cinnamon would want you here." Morey says he'll never eat clams again. Rory says, "Me either."

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