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We're at that weird bar/coffeehouse where Rory drinks a hot chocolate and Logan drinks a beer. Rory can't believe Logan's never seen The Office. Logan admits that he feels very stupid. Lane says it's brilliant, especially the fourth time he sees it, because that'll be the first time he understands what they're saying. Or you could put on closed captioning the first time. Rory says she'll loan him the DVDs, but only if he promises to abide by the fourth-time rule. Logan returns Rory's giant stack of notes. She says she hoped they helped. "They did!" Logan says. "Some guy tried to mug me earlier and I beat him to death with them." He tells Rory that the story is done, Doyle's safe, and all is right with the world. "You're welcome," Rory says. Logan says that this has been fun, but he's got to go, as he's heading to New York. Rory says, "FOR YOUR DAD'S PARTY." Logan tells her to have a good weekend. Aw, yeah! I love it when Rory gets dissed. Suck it, Gilmore. Some of us don't get everything we want on the first try.

Lorelai walks into the inn. Lorelai: "Hey, Kirk." Kirk: "No messages." Lorelai: "Super." Hee.

Upstairs, Lorelai opens one of the rooms to find Sookie, in bed, with Toblerone, watching television on eleven. You're fired. (Justin Timberlake: Justified.) I don't get how Lorelai is like, "Hey, what's up?" but she is, and Sookie tells Lorelai that this all started because she wanted to see an episode of Dark Shadows. She was only supposed to do it once, but the room was good and there was chocolate and she had an hour all to herself, which was great. "I'm horrible," she realizes. "I'm the most horrible person in the world." Lorelai says that Emily will be sad to know she's been dethroned. Sookie: "I'm lying to my husband. I'm eating the inn's candy!" Lorelai says Sookie should tell Jackson she needs some time to herself, and that he'd understand. That's the problem, Sookie says -- that Jackson would understand, because he's the most understanding, perfect husband, and she's stealing Toblerone from the guests. She says she'd feel too guilty, because Jackson works hard too, and she's shirking her motherly duties, and she couldn't possibly relax. Lorelai says she gets it. Sookie apologizes for not telling her. Lorelai tells Sookie to tell Jackson, only because Jackson thinks this is all Lorelai's fault. Sookie promises to do so, just after this episode of Dark Shadows. The two snuggle in bed, eat chocolate, and watch the program. "These rooms ARE nice," Lorelai notes.

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