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We're back at Luke's studio. Luke's sleeping on the other side of the bed tonight, which is weird. Lorelai's in the same flannel. Luke is complaining about the food at Al's Pancake World, swearing he'll never go back there ever, ever again. The manicotti was square, flat, and blue. Luke tells Lorelai he shouldn't go to the vow renewal, since he's not her parents' favorite person. Lorelai says she's not their favorite person either, and she has to go. She knows her parents are weird, but they don't hate Luke; they just don't know him. She swears this is the perfect opportunity because they'll be happy and drunk and he'll be charming and happy and they'll fall in love with him. Speaking of, is anybody on this show ever going to tell someone else that they're in love? It never happens. There's no "I love you." Except that one awesome time. Luke has to go because Lorelai told him he has to go so he's going to go. Lorelai got her way, and then immediately gets it again: there's a television in the room, that Luke bought this morning for her. Lorelai curls into bed with Jon Stewart, so it can't be too early. Lorelai tells Luke he's too good for her. Luke hopes to meet a nice girl at the vow renewal. Me too, Luke. Me too.

Christopher keeps his baby up way fucking late watching The Teletubbies. I guess he's done mourning. He's online (with his internet girlfriend, I assume). Emily shows up and walks in. Christopher tells her he has a maid/nanny combo. Emily gets right to the point. She tells him she didn't used to think much of him, and she still doesn't, but he comes from an impeccable family and he loves Lorelai and always has. She says she knows they would have gotten married if it weren't for that thing on the floor (indicating the baby). She thinks Luke is unsuitable for both Lorelai and Rory: "My daughter's stubborn. But she's capable of greatness. And watching her settle down with a man who could hold her back from that is unacceptable. You, at least, won't hold her back." Christopher is confused. Emily isn't. She leaves him with an invitation to her ceremony and a warning that he's running out of time if he ever wants to win her daughter. That kid needs to be in bed! Why won't somebody take care of the children on this show?

See you in a couple of weeks. Be sweet to Al. She hates Rory and loves Luke.

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