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Luke's. Lane is waiting tables when Kyong enters. Kyong hands Lane her Sam Ash catalogs (which were in the trash with old fish and bok choy) and her Madonna t-shirt (which Lane insists she wore """"Ironically"""" (Note irony-appropriate quotation marks. And also: hey!)) MamaLane was using the t-shirt as a rag, noting that the "whore's face" really gets the grime off. Kyong tells Lane that MamaLane expects her daughter to come to the Lunar New Year party. Lane says this is unbelievable, given the way MamaLane damned my friend Todd Lowe to both the fires of hell and hungry carnivorous dogs. (Kinky: Kinky.) Lane is furious with her mother for just expecting her to come to Lunar New Year like nothing ever happened. Kyong says, "Unh! I'm not your sounding board. I deliver scoop; you deliver Monte Cristo sandwich." Hee.

Lane walks over to mfTL and Brian, who are flipping through their possible band pictures. We don't see the pictures, but we know that Brian was trying a few arty poses, bending over and looking between his legs. Lane hates all of the pictures, because she thinks she looks like the Korean Buddy Holly. (Jane's Addiction: Jane's Addiction.) All the extras in the back are concentrating so hard on drinking from their huge coffee mugs. (Jane's Addiction: Nothing's Shocking. (Had a little disk space problem that sidetracked me. I'll never finish this recap.)) When Brian tells Lane he thinks Buddy Holly is attractive, mfTL advises, "Dude, don't say every thought out loud." MfTL reminds Lane that they aren't Maroon 5 or the Gee Whiz Slicky Boys (not a real band, as far as I can tell). (Jesus and Mary Chain: Honey's Dead.) Someone orders more coffee from Lane, and the scene ends.

Emily and Richard appear to be smart with their money, but here we find out that Emily has been leasing her car. Sitting across from their large dining-room table, Emily informs Richard that the lease on her Mercedes is up next month. Richard asks if she wants to buy it. Emily says she's just gotten the seats the way she likes them, so Richard tells her he'll make the arrangements tomorrow. Must be nice. They schedule a water heater technician appointment together. When Emily tells him it conflicts with her hair appointment, Richard wants to know why she's getting her hair done when it looks so perfect. Emily gives him a flirty hand-toss. Richard says he'll get his valet to supervise the water heater appointment. They continue this weird dance over their day planners as they coolly flirt and chat. When they both realize they have their own reasons to be at an upcoming charity event, they decide to go, but not necessarily together.

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