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That weird bar/coffee shop at Yale. Oh, Rory. She's brought, like, seven million pieces of multi-colored paper, which she's stacked all over this bar table to spell out the word DESPERATE. And then Logan walks over and calls her "Ace," prompting Rory to practically spit-take her coffee like she's trying to win a Golden Globe for Best "Okay-I-Guess- We-Have-To-Call-Her- An-Actress-Now- Technically-But- What-The-Fuck- SERIOUSLY." Rory does her bad lying: "OH, LOGAN! I DIDN'T SEE YOU THERE AND I DON'T LIKE YOU LIKE THAT SO DON'T YOU TRY TO KISS ME BECAUSE I ONLY PUT OUT ON THE SEVENTY-FIFTH DATE. I WON'T EVEN HOLD YOUR HAND UNTIL YOU STEAL SOMETHING FROM ME OR MAKE ME A CAR." (Chemical Brothers: Come With Us.) Logan tells Rory that he's "impressed and partially terrified" at her stalker notes. Rory explains the different sections of her notes. Logan wonders why she's going through so much trouble just for him. Rory stammers that she was just trying to help Doyle out. (Cat Power: You Are Free.) Logan apologizes for his father's bullying. Rory says he's an interesting man, from what she's read. Logan says she might meet him someday. Rory goes, "I BROUGHT YOU NOTES BECAUSE I DON'T THINK YOU'RE CUTE NOR DO I WANT TO MEET YOUR DAD OR SLEEP WITH YOU AND YOUR DAD AT THE SAME TIME."

Logan asks why he never sees Rory around. Rory tells him she's been studying, hanging around the coffee kiosk, and then quickly corrects herself, saying she's not boring. Logan says he knows she isn't. What I don't get is why she's so weird around him. He's been flirting with her from the beginning, and he clearly likes her, gives her special attention and favors, and buys her fancy dresses and what's her deal? She makes Grampa tell him to leave her alone, but now she really wants to be with him? Or what? I don't get it at all. Rory gushes about the Seymour Hersh party, which might be the reason she's pretending to tolerate Logan, but if she's supposed to be pretending to like him, she's doing an excellent job of it. Logan guarantees that the Hersh party will become a bunch of drunk intellectuals discussing stocks and boring, boring, boring. Logan says that he brings a date to these things just to have someone to talk to ("WOW, GEE, THANKS, LOGAN! I LOVE YOU, TOO!"), and then he ditches the party as soon as he can. Rory calls him lucky for getting to spend the evening with a great writer: "Very, very lucky!" Logan smiles tells Rory, "Well, maybe this time it won't be so bad after all." Rory stares at him and it's quiet for a little while. Logan asks Rory if she wants to get something to drink, or if she has to go. Rory: "NO! I DON'T HAVE TO GO -- I DON'T HAVE ANYWHERE TO GO." (I didn't make that line up in the slightest.) Logan leaves to get them drinks. Can someone tell me how Rory thought she just scored an invite to the Hersh party? Because I missed it, and later when she's upset, I just have to blame that all on the Gilmorian Blinders -- the ones that make those girls think they're the most important things in the universe. (Prodigy: The Fat of the Land.)

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