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Rory and the girls are finding their seats. Fraulein says she's never sat this close to a stage before. She adds that since this is also her first concert, any seat would have been the closest she ever sat to a stage before. I actually saw The Bangles when I was thirteen. They built a toll road in Houston, and to kick it off the Bangles performed a free concert on the overpass. I'm not kidding. The best part was that my mom worked at the hotel that was next to the overpass, so we just went into the hotel, found a room on a high floor, and kicked it from the balcony. My mom got the best deal out of it -- while her young daughters were walking like Egyptians on the balcony, she was stretched out inside watching HBO. She didn't have to put up with anything and her daughters thought she had the coolest job in the world. They find their seats. Fraulein and Louisa sit toward the middle, then Paris, and Rory sits on the aisle seat. Rory says that these are amazing seats. Louisa spots the cute boys standing directly behind them and says, "Yes, they are." "What are they looking at?" Rory asks Paris. "One guess," Paris drones. "Check it out -- we've got fans," one boy says to the other. They think that Rory and Paris are looking at them. Rory quickly turns away. "Was I right?" Paris asks. "You were right," Rory says. "And before it's dark they'll have every picnic basket in Jellystone Park," Paris says with an eye-roll. The cute boys whisper at each other while checking out Fraulein and Louisa.

Sookie and Lorelai are climbing higher and higher up the stairs to find their seats. Lorelai says they must be getting close since they are running out of rows. They take their seats in the back row and begin to catch their breath. Lorelai says these seats are fine. We get a shot of their view of the stage -- it looks like a Barbie Rock Concert toy. Lorelai begins to laugh and sob. Sookie asks her what's so funny. "These are the worst seats in the entire world," Lorelai says hysterically. Sookie starts laughing as well. Lorelai says that it's so funny. The two men sitting next to them turn and give Lorelai the stink-eye. Lorelai asks them if they think these shitty seats are funny. They don't. Lorelai tries to compose herself, but can't stop laughing.

The very young crowd gets excited as the lights start to go down. One older man has both of his fists pumped into the air. Come on, that's funny.

Lorelai and Sookie jump up to cheer. Sookie asks if Lorelai has a lighter. Lorelai, still giggling wildly, says they'd need a flame-thrower. More hysterics. Lorelai turns to Not Amused Man and says, "Get it? You'd need a flame-thrower? Because it's so far!" Sookie and Lorelai laugh and cheer.

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