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The Bangles begin playing "When the Hero Takes A Fall," but the camera is focusing more on the instruments than the four women themselves. Well, except for Susanna Hoffs. All these years and they still only show her looking all around while she sings.

Cut to Fraulein and Louisa, completely ignoring the concert, touching the cute boys. At this point, I would have told them that if they weren't interested in the concert, they could at least give up their seats for Sookie and Lorelai, who would kill kittens to be sitting there right now. Paris, who still hasn't taken off her coat and scarf, is bobbing her head to the music, smiling slightly. Rory and Paris look over and see the flirting girls. They look back at each other and smile. They keep watching the concert.

Sookie and Lorelai are smiling and dancing in their cheap seats.

The cute boys are still talking to Fraulein and Louisa. Rory looks over and sees Paris smiling and clapping to the music. She gives her a smile. Paris, seeing she's busted, stops clapping, looks down, and smiles. Rory laughs.

Time passes and the Bangles have moved on to "Eternal Flame."

Now sitting down, Lorelai turns to Sookie and asks if Rachel was pretty. Sookie asks why. Lorelai says she's just curious. Sookie says that she was pretty. Lorelai asks if Rachel was like a Catherine Zeta-Jones kind of pretty or a Michelle Pfeiffer kind of pretty. Sookie says that Rachel was an Elle McPherson kind of pretty. "Really?" Lorelai asks incredulously. "Yep," Sookie says. Lorelai says she'd never picture Luke with an Elle McPherson kind of pretty. Sookie asks if she pictured him with more of a Lorelai Gilmore kind of pretty. Lorelai says the air up there must be pretty thin for Sookie to be that delusional. "And you're jealous," Sookie smiles. Lorelai scoffs. Lorelai asks if Sookie is accusing her of being jealous of a woman that dumped a man she's not even interested in over five years ago. Sookie says she is. "And you don't think that's crazy?" Lorelai asks. Sookie says she does think it's crazy. Lorelai says she's not jealous. "Yeah, you are," Sookie says.

The Bangles keep on singing.

Louisa turns to Paris and Rory to say that one of the guys is "so gorgeous." "I guess," Rory says. Louisa says there's a "massive party" going on around the corner and the boys have invited them to go. Fraulein asks if they are going. Rory says there's a concert going on. Louisa says they'll be back by the time the concert is over. Paris keeps watching the concert, not saying a word. Rory says they can't just leave and that they have to meet Lorelai after the concert. "These guys are so cute!" Fraulein whines. "Well, that's great, but we're not going anywhere," Rory whines back. Louisa asks if Rory is afraid. "Of going out into a strange city with two guys I don't know? Yeah." Fraulein begs. Rory says no. Louisa says she's going. Rory says she isn't. "Paris," Louisa says. "Join please." "No, thanks," Paris says, still not taking her eyes off the concert. Louisa scoops up Fraulein. Rory asks what she's supposed to tell Lorelai. Louisa bitches, "That you're a very good little girl." Rory gives Louisa the, "Oh, fuck off," face as Louisa stands up. Fraulein leans over and gives directions to the party and tells Rory to try and get over there. Fraulein smiles and says they'll be back by the time the concert is over.

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