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Rory pouts back into her seat. Paris leans over and smiles: "You know? I really like this band." Rory is unamused. She sighs as we go to commercial. This same kind of thing happened to me once when my mom made me go to a slumber party for a girl I didn't really know. I was the new kid and hadn't made friends and somehow my mom heard about the slumber party and I didn't really like the girls, but I had to go and once I got to the party they pretty much ignored me and then tried to make me drink stuff from their parents' liquor cabinet. When I said no, they put Vodka in my Sprite when I went to the bathroom. Have you ever tried a nastier beverage? In any event, they all then decided to sneak out and go visit boys. I wouldn't go. I ended up sleeping all by myself in this strange house I didn't know because I didn't want to call my parents to come and get me because I knew they'd get in trouble if I told. It sucked.

Oh, God. I laughed at a Sprint PCS commercial. I think I just gave up a part of my comedy soul.

Outside the concert, Rory walks over to Paris and says she couldn't find Lorelai or Sookie. They decide to stay put. They put sounds of sirens in the background here, to make New York seem "dangerous." Rory says she can't believe Louisa and Fraulein would just leave like that. "They've done it before," Paris says. Rory asks if she can ask Paris a question. "Maybe," Paris says. Rory asks what Paris could possibly see in Ryan Phillllipppe. Paris gets defensive and says that Rory doesn't know him like she does. She has known him since kindergarten and he's not always a jerk. He has things in his life that are hard. "His parents? Not so great. We have that in common." Rory says okay in an effort to end the conversation. Paris says he kissed her once. In the sixth grade. It was on a dare, but still, it was a kiss. Rory says she thinks Paris could do better. Paris says she knows he's flirting with her to get to Rory. "But at least he's flirting with me," she says. Lorelai walks up and starts flinging out t-shirts for all of the girls. Wow. That's so much money she just spent right there. Lorelai stops when there's no one to fling the shirts to and asks where Louisa and Fraulein are. Rory tries to stammer out what happened, and Lorelai is instantly enraged. Sookie walks over and asks what's going on. Lorelai tells her that the girls left. Lorelai orders everyone to move.

Pan up on an apartment building that looks suspiciously like the same apartment Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Rachel live in. Lorelai runs through the hallway saying that she left the house with four girls and she's coming home with four girls. She knocks on a door. A woman answers with the chain lock in place. Lorelai says she's looking for a couple of teenage girls that might be with some college boys. The woman shouts, "I don't talk to anybody. People annoy me!" She slams the door in Lorelai's face. We hear fighting and babies crying. Sookie is listening at the door of another apartment. Lorelai asks what's going on. "She found him with the blonde again," Sookie whispers. Paris asks if Lorelai is going to knock on every door in the entire building. Rory says she probably will. Lorelai knocks on another door but no one answers. Sookie knocks on another door and is met with the sounds of giant man-dogs barking. They back away from that door and run over to Lorelai. Paris wonders if her mother would come looking for her like that if she was missing. Rory says she's sure her mom would. Paris says, "Yeah. Or at least she'd send somebody."

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