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Lorelai knocks on another door and Sookie hears music coming out of the door at the end of the hallway. They walk over to that apartment and knock. A boy answers. Rory says that's one of the guys. Lorelai walks in and walks over to the busted Fraulein and Louisa. "Hey!" Lorelai says. "Did you miss me?" "Lorelai," Louisa smiles. Lorelai busts into Mom Mode: "Miss Gilmore. Put the cups down and let's move." The cute boy walks in front of Lorelai and asks if there's a problem. Lorelai tells him that those girls are sixteen and the cups that they are holding probably have some sort of illegal fluid in them, so if he doesn't want any sort of trouble, he'll just let those girls go with her. Oh, and she calls him Skippy, which I like. She barks to the girls to go outside immediately. Louisa and Fraulein run for the door.

Lorelai stops them in the hallway to tell them that they are insane and stupid for doing what they did. Over her shoulder, you can see Paris beaming. Lorelai says if they ever do a stunt like that again, it won't be around Rory. Fraulein says they understand. Lorelai: "Good. Then let's move. I can't wait to meet your parents. We have some catching up to do. I think we'll just talk and talk and talk all night long!" As they start to walk down the hallway Paris stops Rory and says, "You know what? I think this is the best night I've ever had."

Rummage Sale. Lane moans that she can't believe she missed it. Rory says the concert was amazing. Lane says she doesn't care about the concert, she just wanted to see Lorelai pull "those idiots" out of the apartment. Rory says it really was "a Kodak moment." Lorelai walks over and complains that Rory didn't wake her up. Rory says the clock was set. Lorelai explains that the clock shuts off when you throw it across the room, unlike Rory who doesn't stop talking no matter how much you throw her. Lane excuses herself for a soda. Lorelai asks if Rory has talked to anyone today. Rory says that none of the girls have called her. She says she's sure tomorrow at school will be interesting, though. Lorelai pictures the gossip already surrounding, "Rory's crazy Bangles-obsessed mother ripping open apartment doors, scaring the pointy-haired boys." "Totally uncool, man," Rory says. Lorelai says she had to do it because those girls had put themselves in danger. Rory says she knows. Lorelai says she thought inviting those girls out would make things easier for Rory. Rory says she always thought easy was overrated. "Oh. That's my twisted girl," Lorelai smiles. Rory says that some good came out of it -- Paris has decided to let Rory split the debate time with her. Lorelai asks if that's a good thing. Lorelai says it's like spitting in your palm and shaking hands to take a friendship oath. But without all the gross stuff. Lorelai sees something in the distance and excuses herself.

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