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A Hazy Shade of Whining

She walks over to Luke and asks if he found anything good. He found magnets shaped like sushi for a nickel. Luke apologizes for yelling at her the other day. Lorelai says to forget about it. He keeps apologizing. She hands him back the jacket. Luke says that Lorelai bought it. She says she knows that, but it's his and it means a lot to him. She says she didn't know about the former owner and she wouldn't have flaunted it around if she had known. Luke says it's okay. She hands him the jacket. Luke says that you have to let things go. Lorelai says sometimes you need a little something to remind you. "I mean, you wouldn't want to forget everything, would you?" Luke says there are some things that he definitely wouldn't want to forget. He takes the jacket and thanks her. He asks if he can pay her for it. Lorelai will accept payment in the form of coffee. Luke starts to walk off, but stops to tell Lorelai that he's not pining. Lorelai says she knows that. "Remembering is not pining," Luke insists. Lorelai agrees. Luke says this is just a token of a memory, like restaurant matches. Lorelai says she can see the resemblance. They say goodbye and Lorelai watches Luke walk away. Fade to black.

Next week, Lorelai keeps pretending she's not interested in Luke, giving Christopher the perfect opportunity to blaze in on his motorcycle. Lorelai torn between two men! This must mean we aren't seeing CuteDean for another episode or so. So much for Valentine's Day. Dammit.

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