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Rory and Lane sort through the donated clothes, creating piles of different types. Luke comes over bearing bags of old clothes and pots and pans. Rory tells him to drop the clothes and to take the pots and pans to the kitchen. He does. Lorelai pouts down the stairs and hands more clothes to Rory. Lorelai asks if anyone wants any cheese. Rory asks if there are crackers. Lorelai says that somewhere in Connecticut there are crackers. Rory asks if there are any in the Gilmore home. "Who wants cheese?" Lorelai asks again. Lane says she'd like some cheese. Lorelai leaves for the kitchen. Lane holds up a framed poster of kittens sitting in a toilet bowl. No, it's really quite funny, because Lane and Rory discuss the poster art with a straight face. Rory says they already have a "Kittens in the Toilet," but Lane points out that this one is extra special because this one is signed. Lorelai shouts that there's a man in her kitchen and someone needs to "call the constable." Luke storms out of the kitchen declaring Lorelai to be a fruitcake. Lorelai tells him to put fruitcakes by the door. Luke wishes Rory luck and leaves. Lorelai looks around the house and says that it's only Tuesday and the rummage sale isn't until Sunday, so at this rate they'll be sleeping in the yard on Thursday. At least I know what day it is. Lorelai tosses Lane some cheese.

Cardigan Man walks into the living room. He's brought in a bag of dishes. He starts telling Lorelai that there's a chip in the butter dish, but he's filed it down and if she strategically places the plate on the table no one will notice. Lorelai jokes that Cardigan Man can write out an instruction manual for the dishes. Cardigan Man thanks her and heads to the kitchen to find the notepad. Lorelai finds a jacket in one of the bags. She holds it up and coos. Rory tells her to put the jacket back. Lorelai asks if Rory can actually see the jacket. Rory says she can. Lorelai says that if Rory could actually see the jacket she'd notice that it has "Lorelai" written all over it. Lorelai couldn't possibly have any trashier taste this episode. Wait. Perhaps if she was eating a McRib while wearing this jacket, while drinking a Lone Star, wishing she had some place to put her gum while she chewed tobacco, fixin' to go outside and fix the tires on the house -- so she can move it two spaces down to have a better view of the culvert. Then she might be trashier. But only slightly. In fact, she did just pick that jacket out of the trash. This is also the third rhinestone outfit this episode, and on the double date episode she recommended the rhinestone jacket. I just wonder which one of the writers has an unhealthy fixation on rhinestones. Or if the BeDazzler is a silent sponsor of this show. Rory says that Lorelai can pay for the jacket and keep it. Lorelai thanks her.

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