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Sookie bounces in declaring that in just a few moments they are all going to love her. Lorelai asserts that they already love her. Sookie keeps going on about how now they are really going to love her (really, like five times she argues this) until Lorelai tells her that her love-levels are starting to go down. Sookie has four tickets to see The Bangles on Saturday. Lane says they are good seats. Lorelai is shocked. She asks how Sookie scored them. She got them from a couple she worked for on a wedding. Lorelai says, "Huzzah," which I'm just going to take as a shout-out. Rory asks whom the other two seats are for. Sookie says they are for her and Lane, of course. Lane freaks and hugs Sookie. Sookie calls her "Chickadee!" which is just so damn endearing. Lorelai says that this will be a very special night, and a special night deserves a new wardrobe. She picks up a hot pink sleeveless formal gown. Rory is not having it. "WHAT could the problem be?" Lorelai argues. It was my favorite delivery of the show. They argue until the quick cut to the next scene.

Chilton. The instructor is announcing a debate concerning the trial of Charles I. There's something about Parliament, and then she's all talking about English stuff and, like, laws and stuff, and I don't know because Philllipppe is there and he's sitting there being all cute-like. He's just staring at the back of Rory's head. The instructor says something about a Monarch and then asks Philllipppe what is so fascinating. He says his notes are very fascinating. "Yes, they are fascinating," she smiles. Then she starts explaining the debate, and how much time there is for each part. Rory takes notes while Philllipppe watches her. The winners of the debate will be decided by a hand-count from the rest of the class. The instructor asks Philllipppe if that sounds like fun. Busted, he says it does. She asks if it's more fun than "staring at Miss Gilmore's ear." There are some titters from the class as Rory pulls her hair over her ears and slouches down in her chair. The instructor starts walking around the class, pointing out the teams. She points to Paris, Louisa, Fraulein, and Rory. Paris jumps up and asks the instructor whom she pointed to. The instructor says that it was indeed the Bitchsey Twins, then Paris and Rory. Paris asks if she's sure. "Yes, I am. But thank you for asking." Rory gives an "Oh, shit," look to the other girls. Paris sits down and gives Rory the stink-eye.

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