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A Hazy Shade of Whining

Downstairs in Snobsville, Paris is telling the girls to learn their quotes by heart. There is a debate about using notecards. Everyone is going to use them, but Paris won't let her team use them because they'll look better than everyone else and they will win. Sookie comes down the stairs and says goodbye. "Rory! See you tonight!" Rory says goodbye. Right on cue, Louisa asks what's so important about tonight. Rory tells them that they have tickets to see The Bangles in New York City. The other girls are instantly jealous. The Alterna-Retro-Pop-Culture-Hipness of these kids continues to amaze me. When I was Rory's age, and I liked a band that was fifteen years old, the other kids teased me, and weren't even close to jealous of my Carole King album. In fact, I was teased for liking the "Old Guy Version" of "Hazy Shade of Winter" instead of The Bangles' version. Oh, my God. Did I just say The Bangles were fifteen years old? That can't be true, right? That would make me close to an age that might be considered old, which I won't even consider. No. Of course the kids like The Bangles. They're young and hip. The Bangles are a fresh new group and not even close to being anything associated with old, like "retro" or "way-back" or "oldie." Oh, God. My mom was right. Eventually I'd be listening to oldies, too. Fraulein asks whom Rory's going to the concert with. Rory says that she's going with Lorelai and Sookie. The girls are amazed that Rory would go to a concert with her mom. Rory says that Lorelai is her best friend. Fraulein says she can't imagine doing anything like that with her mom. They are impressed. Louisa asks how old Lorelai is. Rory tells her. They then do the, "Wow, that's young. She must have had you when she was sixteen," bit until Paris freaks out and yells that they aren't going to sit here talking about how young Lorelai was when she had Rory since they have too much work to do on this debate and she'd eventually like to stop studying. Rory says that Paris is right and they should work. Paris thanks her. Louisa and Fraulein are still hung up on the fact that they are sixteen and can't imagine having a baby. "Well, then keep your knees shut," Paris says. Really, Lorelai might have been fifteen when she got pregnant. Fraulein asks if Lorelai is sorry she got pregnant so young. "Of course, she is," Paris says without looking up from her notes. Rory says that she isn't. She says she wouldn't recommend it, but she's happy with the way that her life has turned out. Lorelai enters and asks, "I am?" Rory says she is. Lorelai wants pizza. Paris says she can't have dairy. Lorelai says she'll order one with cheese and one without. Lorelai leaves to order the food. Paris moans that they're never going to finish. Louisa smiles and says she finds Lorelai "completely fascinating." "So does she," Rory jokes. Louisa says it's more like having a big sister. "And you like her, don't you?" Fraulein asks. "She's my best friend," Rory says. Lorelai calls Rory into the kitchen.

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