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Dead Uncles And Vegetables

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The Dangers of Danielworld

Rory tells Jess that he did a good thing by unlocking the door to the diner and letting people set up the wake. With one turn of the wrist he became an official member of the Stars Hollow community. Jess thinks it's as much bullshit as I do. He's done nothing but complain like a mini-Louie. He didn't set anything up or help. He unlocked a door. That's it. Miss Patty set it all up. Rory, you're creating your own dysfunctional relationship.

The corner table is sharing stories about Louie. With every story, the crowd roars louder and gets mistier. The first guy tells a story about Louie stealing candy from a kid on Halloween. "I never trick-or-treated again," Kirk says. Miss Patty tells about the time Louie pushed ahead of her in line, told her to kiss his ass, and dropped his pants. Babette warbles about the time that Louie stole her parking space. Sounds like a real winner, that Louie.

Next time someone seems to call Lorelai on her shit. Let's hope.

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