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Double Date

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Two, Two, Two Dates in One!

Rory has climbed a tree that looks suspiciously like a tree and window scene we've seen before. This time it's supposed to be Lane's room. "What's up, Rapunzel?" Rory asks her. Lane says that she's had various fantasies about people showing up at that window, but Rory was never in one of them. Rory asks how Lane is doing, and says she hasn't heard from her in days. She says she was afraid to call. Lane says that's probably for the best, but that she's okay. Rory apologizes and says she shouldn't have arranged it. Lane says that there's no need to apologize because Rory only arranged it because she asked her to, and that she's glad Rory did it. She says that if Rory hadn't hooked her up with Todd, then she'd still be in love with him. Rory tells her that Todd likes her, though. He told CuteDean. "I know. He called here," Lane says. She pretended to be her mother on the phone and told him never to call her. Rory tells her that Todd and CuteDean went muffler shopping today. Then she sort of giggles. Then Lane says that's cool and she kinda giggles, and that's sort of the end of that conversation, on that strange note. Rory asks when Lane will be able to get out. Lane says right now she has to be in the house at all times except for school and church. Rory says she misses her. Lane misses her too. Rory asks if there's anything she can do. Lane asks her to not tell anyone she went out with Todd. Rory promises. They hear a noise and Lane shuts her window.

Lorelai enters the antique shop and sees MamaLane telling a customer that since he broke a lamp, he has to buy it. The customer says that the lamp was placed precariously in the hallway, and he couldn't help bumping into it. MamaLane asks him if he has eyes and if they function and if they send messages to his brain that says, "Lamp in the way" and tell him to move. She says that if all of those things work, then he broke the lamp and he has to pay for it. He hands her the money and walks away. "We appreciate your business," she says sweetly, and he leaves. Lorelai asks if she can talk to her quickly. They walk to a back room. Lorelai apologizes for the other night and says that Rory hasn't ever lied to her before. She says she didn't want MamaLane to feel like she couldn't send Lane over to the house anymore, because she keeps watch on them when they're over. MamaLane says Lane won't be coming over to the house because she's grounded. Lorelai says that Lane has to be let out sometime. "Lane lied to me and she must be punished," MamaLane says. Lorelai agrees, and says that Lane is a really good kid. She says she doesn't know a kid that respects her parents more than Lane respects her. "Lying is not showing respect," MamaLane says. Lorelai says that Lane is sixteen and she had a crush on a boy. MamaLane says that Lane isn't allowed to see boys and she knows that and she broke the rules. Lorelai says she agrees, but that teenagers sometimes make mistakes. MamaLane says she doesn't care what teenagers do, she only cares what Lane does. Wow, that's a Mom line if I've ever heard one. My mom was famous for that sentence. Lorelai says that it doesn't always work to just lock a kid up and throw away the key. MamaLane says they didn't throw the key away, and that it's in the kitchen. This throws Lorelai back for a second, and then Lorelai begins the Young Mother Monologue again, about how since her parents were strict, she got pregnant. MamaLane scoffs that she blames her parents for getting pregnant. Lorelai says she doesn't blame them, but if she had more space it might not have happened. But she says she got lucky, because Rory is the best thing in her life. She says she doesn't want Rory to turn out like her. "I don't want Lane to turn out like you, either," MamaLane says. Lorelai is happy they've found something the both agree on. They say they just want their daughters to be safe. Lorelai says she's going to leave, but she wants to tell MamaLane that she thinks she's doing a great job with Lane. As she leaves, she knocks something in the walkway, breaks it and pays for it.

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Gilmore Girls




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