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Double Date

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Two, Two, Two Dates in One!

Luke's. It's daytime, so I almost don't recognize it. Lorelai has scored an A- on her business test. Rory is very impressed. The kid that sits behind Lorelai only got a B+. Rory calls him a loser. Lorelai tells Rory that Jackson and Sookie have their third date this week. Some crazy hand comes out from the side of the screen, just as y'all have been discussing on the forum, and I have to say, it looks like an extra walking out with her bag, and only her hand is in the shot. Rory's pager goes off. It's Lane. She borrows Lorelai's cell phone and says she's going to take it outside because Luke has the "no cell phones" rule. Lorelai watches Luke at the counter for a few seconds.

Rory calls Lane. She's standing out in the yard by her house. She rejoices and jumps up and down that her mother is letting her stand in the yard as far as the antiques sign. She gets too excited and almost crosses the line. She stops herself, backs up, and checks to see if her mother saw her.

Inside Luke's, Luke brings Lorelai a cup of coffee. He asks how everything turned out. Lorelai says it was fine. They are a little awkward with each other. Lorelai says she had a good time the other night. Luke says that she rushed out before he had a chance to... He fades out and Lorelai asks him what he was going to say. "Kick your ass in poker," he finishes. Lorelai looks a bit disappointed, shakes it off and says, "You wish!" They laugh. She orders two burgers. He says that maybe they could do it again sometime. She says she'd like that. Rory runs in and hands over the phone. She says she's going to run over to Lane's house and stand across the street and yell at her. Lane's only allowed out for fifteen minutes, so she'll be right back. Lorelai watches Luke behind the counter again as we fade to black. At this point, a certain nameless someone turns to me and says, "No. It's too early for Lorelai to get involved with Luke." I wipe his tear and tell him that Lorelai is a big girl, and she knows what she's doing. My roommate Ray sits down with a cup of Chocolate Fudge Brownie and says, "If he hurts her, I'll never forgive him."

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