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Double Date

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Two, Two, Two Dates in One!

Jackson asks Rune what he's doing. Rune can't believe that's Lorelai. "Did you see how tall she is?" Rune asks. Jackson says he hadn't noticed. Rune says he can't believe Jackson wouldn't notice, since Lorelai "is like a basketball player." We see Sookie and Lorelai listening at the door as Jackson tells Rune that Lorelai, "is a very nice lady." Rune says he'd never go out with someone that tall. "What? Was the bearded lady busy tonight, or something?" he asks Jackson. Lorelai is slightly shocked by that comment. Sookie shakes her head. We watch Lorelai and Sookie listen as Rune goes on about how he thought that Lorelai must have been Sookie's East German maid or something, and couldn't possibly be his date. Jackson says she's not that tall. "She's tall enough," Rune says. Jackson asks him to keep it down since she's just within hearing range and that she'll hear him. "With those big ears, I bet she can," Rune says. Jackson tells Rune that since he just dropped into town unannounced, ate all of his food, and crashed on his couch, the least he could do was go out for one night. Jackson says that Rune might even have a good time. Rune asks why they can't just go out alone. Jackson begs Rune. They go back to the door. Sookie and Jackson walk off together. Lorelai and Rune stare at each other. Rune walks away alone. Lorelai walks through the door, shuts it, stands there, and then walks away. Lorelai! You forgot to lock your door! Oh, well. It's Stars Hollow. They don't have room for theives.

Dinner. Everyone's staring at their menus. Well, except for Rune, who is just staring at Lorelai. He asks her what size shoe she wears. She tells him she wears a nine. ["So does Sars! Shout-out?" -- Wing Chun] This shocks Rune. Sookie wonders to Lorelai if the mussels are fresh. Lorelai says that the menu says "Fresh Mussels," so they probably are. Sookie starts prattling on about how sometimes they'll say "fresh mussels" but they're really frozen and not fresh at all. Jackson nods and smiles along, even thought Sookie isn't looking in his direction. She says that lots of times they have the mussels sitting around in their own excretions. Lorelai interrupts her and begs her not to order the mussels, even if they are fresh. Everyone is quiet for a few seconds. Jackson wonders where this fancy restaurant gets their carrots. He says the carrot crop this year has been "really mealy." Sookie gives Jackson an, "Okay, Carrot Top," face and Jackson shuts up. Lorelai sighs and turns to Rune. She asks, "What is that...Rune?" Rune asks what she means. "I mean, where did Rune come from?" Rune says that he's from out of town, and he thought Jackson had already told her that. He also just flew in and his arms are tired. Lorelai says it's an interesting name and she wondered where it came from. Rune says it was his dad's name. Lorelai asks where he got it. Rune gets all defensive and says, "I don't know. From his parents, I guess." Lorelai backs off and says they're done with that topic just as the waiter shows up. Sookie asks if the mussels are fresh. The waiter has the scariest eyes I've ever seen as he says, "Yes, they are." Don't order the mussels, Sookie! Look at that waiter's eyes! Clearly the mussels are people! Fresh mussels are people! He's got eyes like Norman Bates telling us he'd never hurt a fly. Everyone starts asking about the freshness of the food until Lorelai interrupts to say she'd like a martini. "And keep 'em coming," she adds. ScaryWaiter leaves.

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Gilmore Girls




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