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Double Date

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Two, Two, Two Dates in One!

I don't understand this small town, but Rory and CuteDean are in line in front of that bookstore place that shows old movies. Stars Hollow can't have a movie theater? And these poor kids can't even drive into Hartford to see a new movie? Why don't they just rent a movie, then? Anyway, tonight they are being tortured by Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman, because Lorelai is tall. CuteDean teases Rory for looking behind them at Lane and Todd. Lane and Todd are about two back in line. CuteDean has a possessive arm clutching Rory's back. Rory says she just wants to make sure they're having fun. CuteDean says they are having fun, or at least they're having more fun than if they were in prison or being tortured. CuteDean kisses Rory on the top of the head.

Pan back to Lane and Todd. Lane is going on about how all of these girls are screaming and cheering for Beck and they don't realize that he's supposed to be pretending to be a rock star and is a parody of a rock star, and not a real rock star, but the screaming girls just don't get it. Then Lane starts going on about how much she loves Beck. It's a good musician to give her to gush over, because most Beck fans I meet get all crazy about Beck like that. All talking about how he's a genius and only they understand his real message and how everyone else that likes him likes him for all of the wrong reasons. Todd is looking anywhere but at Lane. At one point he gives her the, "Well, why don't you go date Beck, then?" look. Then Lane starts talking about the Foo Fighters. At first it sounds like she's about to diss them, but then she gushes about the acoustic version of "Everlong," which isn't technically the Foo Fighters, since it's just Dave Grohl on Howard Stern, but at least the Foos are getting mentioned. You see, I understand Dave Grohl. I know that he's more than just a rock star. He's also my imaginary boyfriend. So it's funny to me to see all of these screaming girls by into his single boy image when his imaginary shape gets into my bed every night. They don't know. We're in love. I love Dave Grohl. Todd's still not talking to Lane, so she tries a different approach. She says that lately she's really gotten into the Velvet Underground. She's also into Nico, and offers to let Todd borrow her CD at some point. He's still not talking. She asks him what kind of music he likes. "I don't know. Whatever," he says with a smile. "Fugazi?" she asks him. Todd gets all offended, like that was a personal question. "The band on your shirt," she says to him. Todd looks down at his shirt and says, "Huh. Cool picture," and then laughs at himself. He says it's his sister's shirt. Rory peeks over at Lane. Lane looks back. Rory's face is turned away by CuteDean, which looks incredibly rude from this angle. Lane asks Todd if he likes books. He makes a noise like, "Nnnmnmnnmn." She asks if he likes magazines. He looks at her and then looks at the ground. She asks about school. She asks what he's going to major in. He says he was thinking about Gym. If he majors in Gym, he only has to take four classes his senior year. What high school has you declare a major, anyway? ["Yeah, really. I thought that was an American thing." -- Wing Chun] Lane says, "Cool," and we pan across the other teenagers all waiting in line to see an old B-movie at a bookstore. I don't understand this.

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Gilmore Girls




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