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Wet Teens! Wet Teens!

Emily's. It's Friday again! Emily immediately begins complimenting Rory's blue sweater -- a top we've seen both her and Lorelai wear before, I think. She tells Rory that she should wear blue more often, but I'm pretty sure that all Rory wears is blue. Lorelai has brought Emily pictures from Sookie's wedding, but Emily's too busy making drinks to look through them right now. She gives Lorelai a glass of wine and Lorelai makes a big deal about how normally Emily asks Lorelai what she'd like first and doesn't just hand her a glass of wine. Even though she wants a glass of wine and always takes a glass of wine, she'd just like the courtesy of being asked. I'm so glad this episode is almost over. Emily leaves to get some cheese. "Boy, it's cold in here," Lorelai says to Rory. Rory notes that it's colder where Lorelai is sitting. Lorelai wonders if Emily is going to be mad at her all night. Rory says "yep" a few times. Lorelai says that she should go in and talk to her. She asks Rory if she wants to talk to her instead. "Nope," Rory says, and Lorelai says it's a good thing that Rory doesn't get paid by the word. Rory says the sooner Lorelai gets in there, the sooner there's cheese.

Um, there's some bullshit I'm calling on this right here, because Emily is preparing her own plate of cheese. Emily is making a cheese plate, people. An elaborate cheese plate with fruit and crackers. Lorelai apologizes for the "whole Payton thing," saying she didn't think what would happen if it didn't work out between them. She says she knows it's more than just a Bowie concert for Emily and that what she did was a little thoughtless. Lorelai doesn't even finish saying the word "sorry" before she adds a "but you have to understand..." She insists that she had a horrible time with Payton -- the worst time ever. She likens it to a miserable time they had on some family vacation once. Two stories that we can't share with these women, but we just have to assume both experiences were lousy. Lorelai goes on about how she and Payton were in "Marathon Man kind of pain." She says that she'll still go to the Bowie concert if it's really important to Emily. But only if Emily understands how this would be terribly painful and she doesn't really want to go but she's going through the nice motions to appear to be doing a nice gesture. Emily thanks Lorelai and says it means a lot to her that she said those things. "Borrow Rory's sweater when you go," she says as she walks back into the living room. Good for Emily. It's nice that Lorelai has to honor a commitment and get repercussions for her actions once in a while. "Ground control to Major Tom," Lorelai sings as she goes back to the living room. They decide that's a great way to end the episode. Oookay, that wasn't awkward at all.

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