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Who knows what day it is, but Lorelai's running down the stairs dressed and Rory's wearing her Chilton outfit and Lorelai thinks that even though they're late, they still have time for breakfast at Luke's. How late can they be if they can sit around a diner for some time? Rory jokes that Lorelai forgot to put her pants on and Lorelai momentarily falls for it. There's a debate about whether the clock is wrong, and Lorelai offers to drive Rory to school this morning since she'll miss her bus if she goes to Luke's. Again, how late could Lorelai be if she can drive in and out of Hartford (which is more than thirty minutes away, right?)? Lorelai suddenly remembers Dwight's lawn -- a lawn that's obviously been neglected over these past few ambiguous days. Lorelai says they can still do the lawn and do Luke's, even though Rory doesn't see how this is possible. How long is Dwight out of town, anyway?

Dwight's. Nobody's rushing anymore. Rory sees a note on the porch. It's an envelope with Lorelai's name on it. Okay, so she hasn't watered the lawn once over the past week? Lorelai tells Rory not to open the note because it's just going to contain more things that Lorelai has to do, but Rory opens the note anyway. Dwight thanks Lorelai for the favor and goes on about how great this town is again. Lorelai: "Yeah, apparently Dwight's last home was Oz, and not as in The Wizard Of..." Rory keeps reading. Dwight needs someone to go inside and water his African violets. There's a key to his house sitting in the Steal-Me Planter by the door and a separate directions sheet inside. Dwight tells Lorelai to make herself at home inside, allowing her to eat all the food she wants or to play with his impressive collection of board games. Speaking of bored, can we move on with it? Why do we have the Dwight storyline? Why is it still going on? Is Dwight going to become a regular? Rory goes into the house to water the violets even though Lorelai begs her not to. There's more than one key on the keychain. Rory says she wants to see what the house looks like. Lorelai says that if Dwight's dead mother is sitting in a rocking chair just inside the house, she won't be a bit surprised.

Dwight isn't concerned about electricity or energy problems or even electrical fire hazards, since he's got Christmas lights strung up and lit around his fireplace. The entire house is decorated like some Tiki vacation, and I'm not entirely convinced this isn't just Sookie's house with different art direction. Rory instantly opens a cupboard and finds the massive collection of board games. She notes that he's got Monopoly from every different country in the world. Lorelai tells Rory to remember, when she meets him, that he owns Twister, because there's a great visual image waiting for her. Rory asks why they don't have a Tiki bar. Lorelai says it's because they aren't "two wild and crazy guys." Rory declares her love for the house. She goes to water the violets as Lorelai gets a call on her cell phone. It's Payton, who doesn't seem to think it's rude to call someone at 6 AM on her cell phone. Jeez, is this guy an early riser, or what? Rory tends to the flowers as Lorelai gets impressed over the fact that Payton just "flew back" on his jet. Somehow I don't think Lorelai would be quite this impressed. Anyway, "From Maui?" is looped in, but Lorelai's mouth clearly says, "From Bali." He asks her to a David Bowie concert next week. Rory's jealous. Lorelai talks a few seconds more, hangs up, and tells Rory that Payton didn't want to wait an entire week to see her again. They're having dinner tomorrow night. "Two dates in one phone call," Rory says. "Talk about not wasting any time." Lorelai says he's very cool, and not just because he has his own jet. Rory reminds Lorelai to tell him the best way to get to her is through her daughter, who desperately wants to go to Amsterdam. The writer means Fez, but I'm sure he or she is new and nobody bothered to inform him or her. Rory decides that this place is lucky. The clock on the mantle goes off. It's a cuckoo clock with a hula dancer, and it sings "Midnight at the Oasis" based off the time of day. Right now it's "Eight o'clock at the Oasis." What time does Rory have to be at Chilton? They still haven't eaten breakfast. I thought they were in a hurry!

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