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Independence Inn. There's been a mix-up with the auction, and Emily's lamp was accidentally delivered to the inn, and Lorelai's lamp went to Emily's. Lorelai says she'll take it by when she runs errands and picks up Rory today. I guess it's, like, Thursday now? Wednesday? Anyway, Lorelai picks up a bowl that's on the front desk. It's an 18th-century bleeding bowl. As Michel describes what it's for, Lorelai gets grossed out and reminds herself to boil her hand.

Emily's. I never understand why Emily sometimes answers her own door. They make the lamp switch. Emily says she's surprised the auction house made a mistake. Lorelai says it would have been easy, since both purchases were named Gilmore. Yes, except one was a hotel and one was the woman running the auction, but whatever. Ooh, I really hate this suit Lorelai's wearing. It's black and has this blue piping in places and the jacket looks too small for her. And her hair's in that messy feathered look they keep putting on her. She looks like the scene in Just One of the Guys after they went into the water. Did I just date myself? That's just a shout-out to those of you who read my Young Americans recaps. Emily invites Lorelai in for some coffee, but Lorelai says that Rory's practically standing on the corner waiting to be picked up until Emily notices that Rory would still be in class right now. Lorelai says she'll stay a minute. "Wonderful!" Emily says. "I'll get you a stopwatch so you can keep exact time." That's my favorite line, but there were some slim pickings.

Emily asks how the date went. Lorelai says it was fine, and asks how Emily knew about the date. Emily admits that she knows Payton's mother, and asks what Payton and Lorelai did. Lorelai says they just had dinner, but Emily heard they went driving around afterward. Lorelai says they drove toward her house. Emily says she heard Patyon had a lovely time. Lorelai tries to leave, but Emily asks more about the date. Lorelai says that it wasn't anything special, just one person talking more than another. Emily asks if Payton's called since. Lorelai says he hasn't. Emily says it's only been one day, and then gushes about how great it is that Lorelai and Payton are dating. Lorelai warns Emily not to get too excited. She says they didn't hit it off that well, and that he's not really her type. Emily's confused, so Lorelai explains that they didn't have that many of the same interests and nothing to talk about, and basically the date was a dud. Emily is disappointed. "Well, you'll just have to try a little harder on the next date," she says. "Excuse me?" Lorelai asks. Emily reminds Lorelai that she's got a concert date the next week with Payton. Lorelai calls Payton a real mama's boy. She tells Emily that she's not going to the concert, since they had such a miserable time. Emily can't believe that Lorelai is going to cancel the date. Lorelai says that she's sure Payton won't be surprised, and that he didn't have that great a time either. Emily says that Lorelai has to go to the concert, since she made a commitment to someone. Lorelai says that this is her business. "Oh. This is so like you," Emily snits. "You spend five seconds with a person and if they say one wrong thing, you turn on them and never give them a second chance." She says that Lorelai's extremely judgmental. Where could she have learned that, I wonder? Lorelai echoes my sentiments, and then says she has to go. Emily says they're not finished discussing this, but Lorelai feels that they are, since this is her life and her decisions to make. "Rory's waiting; I'll see you Friday," Lorelai says. Then there's just some quiet as we watch her leave, Emily throws her hands in the air and they decide this is a good enough time to end the scene and go to commercials.

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