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Poor Rory

Lorelai's about to leave her house, but there's a knock at the front door. It's Jess, who finally decides to just show up, whatever, ready to pick up his girl who'd better have dinner ready and a nice dress on. Lorelai can't believe that Jess would think Rory would still be sitting around. She would be, actually, if Lorelai hadn't told her to leave. Jess asks where she is. Lorelai says she's at the hockey game, which Jess doesn't believe at first. He asks why Lorelai's hassling him. She says he should call Rory. "Hey," he says. "Rory knows I'm not the kind of guy who lives by a schedule." Except your Wal-Mart schedule, right, inventory boy? Shut up and be a boyfriend. Lorelai says that a guy who doesn't live by a schedule ends up talking to his girlfriend's mother on a Saturday night. Jess gives another "whatever" and walks off. Lorelai says if he likes music so much, he should take a (wordy) tip from the Beach Boys: "None of the guys go steady because it wouldn't be right to leave their best girls home on a Saturday night." She says that Rory is one of the best girls, and Jess seems to have no idea how to treat her. She's basically telling Jess to break up with Rory, isn't she? Jess says he's got Lorelai to tell him how to treat Rory. Lorelai says she's not doing it anymore. "I'll tell her you stopped by," she says. "Don't bother," Jess brats. Well, great. I'm so done with this, aren't you? As Lorelai closes the front door, she mumbles that Brian Hutchence is looking pretty good right about now.

Coming back from the concession stand, Rory has her hands full of food. She says that if she'd known that sports had so much junk food involved, she'd have gone to a lot more games. Lane says that there's something satisfying about watching other people exercise while you eat bad food. Kirk gets on the microphone here, saying there are ten minutes until the next period. He explains that they are called "periods" and not "halves," and that the puck should never be referred to as "the ball." He apologizes once again for his earlier mistakes. Rory and Lane stop walking when they see CuteDean skate over to Lindsay for a real kiss. How is she on the ice? And, when CuteDean waved at Rory earlier, was Lindsay furious?

Hey, that commercial for The Lone Ranger movie, with Philllipppe? Does that close-up of the horse's undercarriage gross anyone else out like it does me? I'm trying to drink coffee, here. Ew.

So, the hockey game. Kirk tries to do color commentary, but he ends up just saying who has the puck and who's pushing the puck ("He's skating, he's skating") and then who has the puck next. Dean skates up to Kirk's window and says quickly and politely, "Some of the guys? Not me, but some of the guys say they're gonna rip your head off if you don't shut up, okay?" Kirk pauses for a short break.

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