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Poor Rory

Lindsay's stuck in a cliché, with girls all around her as she wears Dean's letter jacket. All the girls are so proud of Lindsay for dating Dean that Lindsay must over-mime over-enthusiastically, pointing in Dean's direction. Lane asks Rory if she's sure she's okay, and Rory asks Lane to stop asking her that every five seconds. Lindsay clasps her hands and holds them to her heart as Rory says that Dean obviously had to get another girlfriend eventually and couldn't just sit around pining for her. Rory says she's a little upset, but that Lindsay's nice. Lane says that this is all her fault for not knowing this was happening. She says she won't study or take classes anymore so she doesn't miss such newsworthy events anymore. Kirk asks the hockey players if they wouldn't mind explaining to him what's going on.

Emily's. Lorelai tries to sneak in, drop off her things, and then leave, but Emily catches her and invites her in to meet everybody.

Gran's biddy friends are scoffing at some kind of obscene Picasso slide as they hold it to the light: "It has six breasts!" Emily introduces Lorelai. Gran introduces Lorelai to everybody and reminds Emily that they are waiting for their iced tea. Emily says it's on its way. "So is death," Gran jokes. Lorelai says she doesn't want to interrupt anything. "You are interrupting nothing but thirst, my dear," Gran says. Emily rolls her eyes. Gran asks what it's like being young. Lorelai says it's not nearly as much fun since the mandatory sunscreen rule was created. Crickets. Tough room. The iced tea shows up, but Gran declares it too warm. Emily gets up to add ice to the glass, and as she does she begins humming a little tune: "Love in the Afternoon." Gran asks Emily why she's singing. Emily pretends she doesn't know she was singing. She hands the tea back and hopes it's cold enough. Lorelai offers to set up the slide projector. Emily begins singing again, and asks Gran if she's familiar with the song "Love in the Afternoon," because it's been stuck in her head since she saw the movie the other day. "I mean, what else could it be?" she asks Gran, moving in all creepy-like. "Hmm?" Lorelai asks Emily to go get some cheese with her in the other room.

In the kitchen, Lorelai asks what's going on. "I saw her kissing a man!" Emily celebrates. She tells Lorelai what she saw. Lorelai asks if he was hot. "Excuse me?" Emily asks. Lorelai says she doesn't know what else to say when she hears her grandmother was kissing someone. Emily says she couldn't see him around Gran's sucking face. She says that Gran didn't see her. Emily hid in the bushes until he left. Lorelai is happy to have two really good visuals in her head. Emily says this is wonderful because now she has something on Gran after all these years. She now has the upper hand and that woman will go down. Lorelai tells Emily she can't use this against Gran. Emily says she can, and that she earned it. Lorelai says she knows Gran gives Emily a hard time, but that she must have been keeping this private for a reason. Emily says that Gran is probably embarrassed: "She should be. He was dressed like a bookie." Lorelai tells Emily she has to be the better person here. Emily says she doesn't. Lorelai can't believe Emily is going to humiliate Gran in front of her friends and family. Emily says that this isn't fair. Lorelai says that Gran will be back in her own house soon, and Emily just has to hang on until then. Emily says they should go back in and get the evening over with.

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