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Poor Rory

But outside, Jake Ryan is sitting on his Porsche, ready for Sam's sister's wedding to end. He says he just got two tickets to the Distillers. He didn't call, you see, because he was waiting in line. Where's this concert? New York? And he wasn't waiting in line, he was at Rory's house just an hour ago. He says the concert is for tonight, so they should probably get going. Oh, Jess is so that guy -- the guy who knows he just has to do one huge gesture, and lets all of his bad deeds slide for the next couple of months, knowing that the one grand gesture of love is his safety net for all the crap he'll pull. ["Plus that gesture wasn't near good enough to excuse all his crap, anyway." -- Wing Chun] I dated That Guy, Rory. It gets old, sifting through the bullshit, waiting for his random acts of love. You'll never get what you want. You'll never be loved enough. It's because you never had a dad, I get it, I understand, and you had to work really hard to get Christopher's attention. But Jess is going to be just as unreliable, and one day he'll have a family with someone else -- a family he'll choose over you. Again. Break up. With Jess. Now. Instead, Rory tells Jess not to check his messages when he gets home.

Gran is resting from such a horrible embarrassment. Emily enters, bringing aspirin, and apologizes for what she said. She says she had no right to humiliate Gran in front of her friends and Richard. She says she is truly sorry. She asks why Gran didn't tell anyone about him. Gran says she was married once. She married Richard's father and he was her husband and she has no desire to marry again and dishonor his memory. She believes that a woman marries for life, but after he's gone, if you desire some attachment, add an addition to the house -- a library or solarium. She has a library and a solarium, and found herself getting lonely. So she met this man many years ago, and he became her companion. Tonight they were publicly humiliated, and their relationship altered forever: "Can you imagine how that feels?" Emily says she's had a little experience being humiliated in front of the people she loves. She says she knows Gran's pride is important and didn't mean to rob Gran of it. Emily feels terrible. But she wishes that once in a while Gran felt bad for causing her pain. "I have pride too, you know," Emily tells her. Emily misses Richard and she's lonely sometimes, just like Gran. "Well," Gran says.

Downstairs, Lorelai packs up her projector (dirty!) and tells Richard that it was quite a gathering. Richard is staring straight ahead, stone-faced. Lorelai sits down and says that this would make a great Christmas story, even though it didn't happen at Christmas, but they could say it was at Christmas and nobody would probably question it, except I would, because they're Jewish. ["They are?" -- Wing Chun] Lorelai tells Richard to cut Emily some slack on this, because she's really missed him lately. Richard starts laughing. He asks if Lorelai thinks he was wearing a track suit. "I wonder if he was wearing Nikes also." Lorelai says it gives new meaning to "Just Do It." Ew. And also: Boo. Richard laughs that he has a new daddy. Lorelai hopes he'll take Richard to ball games. Ew. Richard says he wishes he'd seen Emily hiding in the bushes: "It's like a play by Molière." Emily comes downstairs and asks what everyone's laughing about. Richard and Lorelai stop and say nothing. Emily tells them she doesn't want to interrupt; she was only coming by to get some tea for her and Gran. She leaves, and Lorelai and Richard worry that Gran and Emily being pals might not be such a good thing. Emily comes back and heads upstairs, grumbling that Gran sent a maid in to tell her how to make tea, as if she wouldn't know after all these years. Richard decides he doesn't have anything to worry about.

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