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Poor Rory

Lorelai is eating Chinese food when Rory gets home at what must be a ridiculous hour if she saw a late concert. Wouldn't she also smell like smoke? Rory tells Lorelai that they lost the hockey game. She's really evasive and says she wants to go to bed. Lorelai wants to tell the big story about tonight, but Rory is too busy lying, saying she spent the evening with Lane, and now she's beat and would rather hear the story tomorrow. Lorelai tries to entice her with the words "track suit," but it doesn't work. Now, I know there's been much discussion on the forums that Rory's being evasive because she had sex with Jess. I'm sure that didn't happen, because she wouldn't just have sex with Jess in a car. But is she lying because Lorelai was right and Rory has become a hollow shell of a woman without one ounce of backbone; or because she was out late with Jess thinking about having sex with him; or because she doesn't want Lorelai to encourage her to break up with Jess, since she's now thinking about doing it? I think she's just embarrassed by the way she totally let Jess boss her around all weekend and thanked him by sneaking out and lying about it. ["I thought she was still thinking about Dean and his new girlfriend. I would be, if I were her and dating Jess. Not that I ever would date Jess." -- Wing Chun] Anyway, Lorelai's concerned with the way Rory just walked off.

Rory mopes over to her bed and lies down, arms crossed. She pouts and pouts and pouts. What to do when everyone loves you? What to do, indeed.

Next week, the WB wants us to think Rory's going to have sex. I'm not buying it. They lie week after week. I bet Michel's just got a hangnail.

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