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Poor Rory

Friday night dinner. Rory and Lorelai are shoveling food into their mouths as Richard watches. He tells Rory to slow down and chew her food more carefully. Rory and Lorelai pass bowls of food back and forth as quickly as they can. Emily isn't at the table, since she's fielding constant phone calls from Gran. It appears Gran will be staying with Richard and Emily for a few days while her floors get redone. Richard is excited. Emily is losing it. She comes back to the table, saying that Gran recently called to find out of their towels were Egyptian cotton. This is her fortieth call of the day. Richard says it's a simple question. Emily says it's a good thing Gran asked, because they normally give their guests the towels they stole from the Holiday Inn. Rory asks if Gran misses London. "Not half as much as I do," Emily answers. Richard gives her a warning. Emily says she never really appreciated the Atlantic Ocean before, with its three thousand miles of water. Richard reminds Emily that she's talking about his mother. Emily says she's happy to have Gran stay, but she wishes Gran wouldn't interrupt the one dinner of the week that she has with her daughter and granddaughter. During this conversation, Rory and Lorelai are eating as quickly as they can, looking like Mommy's Little Piggy from A Christmas Story.

Emily asks why Rory and Lorelai are eating quickly. Lorelai lies that they aren't. Rory joins in, saying that Emily has been on the phone for a while and probably didn't notice how much they'd eaten in that time. The phone rings again. "I wonder who that could be?" Emily asks. The doorbell rings. "Well, aren't we popular?" As Emily leaves to answer the phone, Richard leaves to answer the door. Lorelai scolds Rory for giving it away, saying that Rory's eating too quickly. Rory's taking many little bites instead of fewer huge ones. Rory asks if she should risk choking to make their Friday night plans. "Exactly," Lorelai answers just before Richard returns to the table, apologizing. Emily's sarcastic level is turned up to eleven as she retells her latest phone conversation. Gran was making sure there would be soap in her guest bathroom. Emily's attention is distracted, however, when she notices that there are strangers in her house -- men moving a large mattress into the guestroom. Emily is outraged that Gran has sent her own mattress, and cannot believe that this is her life.

Richard leaves to go supervise the mattress. Emily sits back down. Lorelai and Rory seize the moment to excuse themselves, saying that Emily and Richard have a lot going on with the phone calls and the furniture guys. Emily asks what's making them so antsy. She notes that they bolted down their food, want to leave before dessert, and Rory keeps checking her pager every five minutes. The girls don't answer. Emily says they will sit there until one of them can confess what's so important. After a beat, Lorelai shouts, "She has a date!" Rory scoffs, points, and shouts that Lorelai has one, too. But Rory's is earlier, which is why they have to leave so early. But the only reason that Rory's is earlier is because she has a curfew and Lorelai doesn't, because she's a grown-up. (I know it's not apparent here, but she's legally an adult.) Emily scolds them to stop yelling. Both girls apologize. Emily reminds them that the deal was dinners on Fridays, not appearances at dinners on Fridays. She says that they will sit and eat dessert. Lorelai starts to object, but Emily threatens a game of charades if there's one more word. Both girls wait for their dessert.

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