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Poor Rory

Once home, the girls run through the house. Lorelai says they need to get a faster car. Rory blames Lorelai for being so late, since she's the one who asked for an additional piece of pie. Lorelai says that Rory kept making so much pointless conversation, like she was running for Miss Congeniality. Lorelai is changing clothes upstairs. She calls down to Rory, asking what time she's meeting Jess. I thought it was 8:30. Remember? Anyway, Rory says she doesn't know, but she'll find out. She goes to the answering machine. There are no messages. She checks her watch, and rubs it. Bummed out, Rory plops down on the couch. Lorelai -- who has been going on and on about her brown boots and how she can't believe they were actually in her closet when she was looking everywhere for them -- comes down the stairs to find her gloomy daughter. "He didn't call?" she asks. Rory shakes her head. Lorelai says it might be too early. She asks what time it is. "Nine-fifteen," Rory answers. He was supposed to call when he got off work, which isn't the same time every day. Lorelai says she thought they had a plan. "We did," Rory says. He was supposed to call whenever because his work time varies. Lorelai asks if the Bay of Pigs invasion was their plan as well. Rory says he'll call. Lorelai invites Rory to come out on her date, to see a movie. Yikes. Rory, thankfully, turns down the invite to be the fifth wheel with mommy's new boy toy. Lorelai makes Rory promise not to sit at home all night staring at the phone. Rory turns on the television and stares at that instead. "Happy?" she asks. "Delirious," Lorelai answers. She groans, saying she shouldn't have had that second piece of pie. Rory tells Lorelai to bring her some Milk Duds. "It's a plan!" Lorelai shouts as she runs out of the house.

The next day, on the walk to Luke's, Rory goes over her list of things she did while she waited for the phone to ring. She cleaned out her hard drive, cleaned the hair and dust out of her keyboard, watched television, did her homework, proofread articles for The Franklin, organized Lorelai's sock drawer, and returned emails. Lorelai asks whether it ever occurred to Rory to call Jess herself. "No," Rory says, because she's the opposite of a teenage girl. "Because he said he'd call me," Rory adds. Decades of advancement, erased in a single Friday night. Lorelai asks if Rory's going to chew Jess out, or at least mention the fact that he stood her up. Rory asks, "Why should I?" Ugh. She is not her mother's daughter.

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