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Poor Rory

Lane quickly explains to Rory that MamaLane has booked Dave and his Christian Trio at one of her functions. They think this is great because now MamaLane will love Zach and Brian like she loves Dave.

Inside the garage, Zach (I'll stop calling him "my friend, Todd Lowe" now, mostly because "Zach" is faster to type) and Brian are trying to figure out a hymn. Zach complains about the word "bulwark," which he's never heard of. He thinks that word is "gay." Brian says it's probably a sin to call a hymn "gay." Zach says he's totally not saying "bulwark," and proceeds to rewrite the hymn.

Outside, Rory asks if Lane gets to watch Dave and play with his trio tonight instead of banging drums. Dave explains that Lane has a date tonight, with Jung Chu. He's taking her to the hockey game. Dave says this is the first of three dates. They've planned it all out. Jung Chu will break her heart and she'll be crushed, making MamaLane feel so guilty for setting her up with him that she'll let her date Dave, who's the nice young boy who can be trusted around antique furniture. "Dave has a natural gift for subterfuge," Lane explains. Dave says that's a compliment from the master. I wish we got to see the two of them alone sometimes, so we can see just how much they like each other. Whenever they're together we have to watch them pretend not to like each other. Dave takes the muffins inside. (Dirty!) Lane tells Rory she would have come up with a plan herself, but she let Dave take credit. Why not? That's what girls in Stars Hollow do. "Men sometimes need that," Rory says. Oh, shut up, Rory.

Zach is totally unhappy with the hymn. Dave comes in to break up the "fight." Zach can't understand the words, since they're either in Latin nor written by the Pope. Brian just wants to know where his lemon poppy seed muffin and coffee are. Zach says a word that sends me to the dictionary, and I'm sure Todd Lowe had to do the same: "Elevenses." Even my spellcheck is like, "Um, I'm not British. Piss off." The closed captioning said "11cc's." Anyway, any trio discussing "bulwark" can't just toss off "elevenses."

The closed captioning also calls him Young Chui. Oh, I like my Jung Chu spelling. I'm keeping it. Lane explains to Rory that Jung Chu has a girlfriend already -- a Japanese girl named Karen whom his parents don't approve of, so this is all a big lie so Lane and Jung Chu can both date their secret loves. "He's the male me," she says. Lane invites Rory and Jess to come along to the hockey game tonight. Rory says she's not sure what they're doing tonight. Rory and Lane walk into the garage in time to hear the reworking of the hymn, this time about the devil and high walls. "What hymn is that?" Rory asks. "I have no idea," Lane answers. Wah...wah...wah...waaaaaaaaah!

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