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Poor Rory

Independence Inn. Taylor has passed out itineraries to his family. He's explaining where the map is located. One guy asks why Taylor drew his store so big in comparison to the other buildings in Stars Hollow. Another wants to know why Taylor put so many "P's" in "Soda Shoppe." "Is that supposed to be fancy or something?" he asks.

At the front desk, things aren't any easier. One Doose's a real dozy, asking Michel if he's French. "You talk funny. You from France?" Michel tries to get through his spiel without actually insulting the patron, but it's not easy, since the guy spent time in France after The Big One. He says that there's nothing nice about war, and that if it wasn't for him, Michel would be speaking German now. Michel throws the room key at the man. ["I'll bet Michel can speak German, anyway." -- Wing Chun]

Lorelai is giving the shuttle driver instructions about the luggage. Taylor walks up to ask a question, but Taylor's older brother, Doug, swipes it from his hands. Doug says that nobody wants to do the crap on the itinerary. Why would they take a tour of Stars Hollow when most of them grew up in the town? He tells everybody to meet in the lobby in two hours for the van to the game. "You're late, you're walking," he says. He balls up Taylor's itinerary and puts it in Taylor's hand. "Go back to your store and count peaches or something," he says. Oh, Taylor's the youngest. Poor Taylor. Doug leaves to take a nap.

Lorelai doesn't get very far before Emily appears as if from a puff of smoke. She wants to schedule a meeting for her DAR girls, and wanted to make sure the Inn was just as charming as she remembered. Lorelai writes the appointment in the Inn's datebook. She tries to walk away, but Emily is still standing, stalling, looking forlorn and miserable. She confesses that Gran has kicked her out of the house, and sent her on a huge list of errands because she's having ladies over ("Her bitter old biddies club!") that evening and needs the house to be perfect, since Emily apparently keeps it in shambles. Lorelai reminds Emily that it's only for a few days. Emily tells her that she has to buy new flowers, because her flowers are too tall, and apparently it's ostentatious to have such tall flowers in the house. Lorelai confesses that she's been meaning to tell Emily that for a while now. Hee. Emily says she has to get new towels, highball glasses, and four very specific kinds of cheese. She has to find a slide projector, but she doesn't know where to find one. She gets very worked up and Lorelai calms her down. Emily says that she's sensitive because Richard's been travelling now more than he ever did, and she misses him, but now that he's home, all of his time is occupied by Gran. "I sound like a spoiled high-school girl," Emily says. No -- for that, you should probably borrow some of Rory's lines. Lorelai, for whatever reason, has a slide projector, and offers to bring it over to Emily's tonight. Emily says she really appreciates this and couldn't be more grateful. Lorelai asks Emily to wait while she gets a tape recorder for that last sentence.

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