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Poor Rory

Outside, Dave debates for about five seconds before breaking into a sprint, running to the rival high school hockey rink.

At the concession stand, Lane is on the phone telling Karen that she's not interested in Jung Chu at all, even though he's cute, because she has a boyfriend. Then she has to apologize for calling Jung Chu cute. "Hey! Koreans do not have problems!" she argues before handing the phone back to Jung Chu. An incredibly tall blonde girl then just skips right up to Rory and Lane before stopping all obvious-like and going, "Oh." She holds one styrofoam cup in her hand. Rory's all smiles and happiness, informing all of us that this girl is named Lindsay, and that Rory hasn't seen her since she went to Stars Hollow High three years ago. But you know, they're old friends. Lindsay's a bit uncomfortable. Rory thinks that everybody wants to know her opinion on everything, so she gives it. Rory asks what Lindsay's been up to for three years. Lindsay's all, "Oh, you know. The usual. School." Giving your boyfriend the handjobs and French kisses you didn't do for three years. Lane then reminds us all for no reason that she still goes to school with Lindsay. Lindsay tells Rory that it was good seeing her again, but that she should be getting back. Lindsay leaves, and Rory and Lane go straight to dishing about her, wondering why she's being so weird and evasive. Isn't it true that you haven't spoken to her in three years? What did you think, Rory, she'd just girl-talk at your feet, so incredibly excited to catch up after all this time? She's busy. With her own life. Just call your boyfriend and leave everyone alone. Rory can't believe that Lindsay would be upset that they didn't keep in touch when Rory switched schools, especially since they weren't really good friends. Then why are you even bothering? Isn't this a town of, like, three thousand people? I'm sure this isn't the first time you've bumped into her. Lane says that Lindsay might be one of the girls who started hating Rory once she went to Chilton and got all snobby. Yay. People hate Rory.

Dave runs in at this point, asking where Jung Chu is. Lane points to Jung Chu, who's way far away, talking to his girlfriend. Dave asks how the game's going. The other team is winning. Lane asks what he's doing there. Dave says he was on a quick break, but since the house is more than a mile away, he'd better go now. He runs away without even sneaking a quick kiss from his girlfriend. I don't understand these kids, for real. Rory tells Lane that Dave's jealous. Lane celebrates. "You've worked your womanly wiles on him, Lane Kim," Rory says. She should know, Queen of the Extended Love Triangle. Lane says she's never made somebody jealous before. She says she feels so powerful. Rory tells her to remember that there's cute jealous, and then there's Othello. Rory asks who else thinks she's a snob. Let's consider that a forum shout-out, okay?

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