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Current approximate level of fame: Jessica Walters Deserved approximate level of fame, post-Gilmore: Diane Keaton Name: Edward Herrmann Age: 63 Occupation: Actor, FDR impersonator Non-Gilmore Experience: 45 movies Assessment: If you need a really tall guy to play Franklin Roosevelt, Edward Herrmann is your guy. He's done it more than once. He's even done it in Annie. Herrmann didn't really need his part on Gilmore Girls, we don't think -- he's going to work as long as he feels like it, because there's no reason to look for an Edward Herrmann type to play your law professor or your politician or your merciless but refined business weasel when you can just hire Edward Herrmann. Assets: He's a narrator for the History Channel, so he's intoned many interesting facts. Liabilities: Interest in FDR has probably peaked. Current approximate level of fame: Tom Skerritt Deserved approximate level of fame, post-Gilmore: Martin Sheen Name: Melissa McCarthy Age: 37 Occupation: Actor, dimple flasher Non-Gilmore Experience: 15 movies Assessment: Melissa McCarthy constantly and gleefully tapdances all over the line separating the adorable from the insufferable. That line can be very fine. Her unending chirp is endearing in small doses, but she's likely to remain in supporting roles as assorted best friends, unless she's capable of toning it down, which seems doubtful. She displays an admirably sunny disposition, certainly, but not one that's going to make her a leading lady. Frankly, at thirty-seven, she's already played a "Doris" and a "Shirley," so nobody's thinking in those terms anyway. Assets: She gives a great reaction shot/squeal, if that's what you need. Liabilities: Possibly worse off than women in their sixties? Plus-size women, for whom it's more like one role every five years. Current approximate level of fame: Emily Bergl Deserved approximate level of fame, post-Gilmore: NiCole Robinson Name: Liza Weil Age: 30 Occupation: Actor, glarer Non-Gilmore Experience: 10 movies Assessment: Of all the members of the Gilmore cast, Liza Weil is the one we're most curious about. She does a lot of theater, and she's managed a pretty respectable list of TV credits, including ER, Law & Order: SVU, and even The West Wing. She would be an outstanding pick for a smart, single-camera character-driven comedy, and she's entirely capable of carrying a show. Weil filled snippy Paris with integrity and vulnerability, and we're pretty sure that whoever snaps her up next won't regret it.

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