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Assets: She seems to have some standards about the projects she picks, which is nice. Liabilities: Fame doesn't come easily to people with standards. Current approximate level of fame: Emily VanCamp Deserved approximate level of fame, post-Gilmore: Alyson Hannigan Name: Keiko Agena (b. Christine Keiko Agena) Age: 33 Occupation: Actor, pretend drummer Non-Gilmore Experience: 8 movies Assessment: The role of the smart Asian girl with the super-controlling mother could have been a ticket to complete stereotype exile, but Agena really pulled it off. She'd be great in one of those shows with an ensemble of young professionals all dating each other, and we'd love to see her to stay on TV doing something other than Kim Possible (no offense to Kim Possible). Assets: Her official site reveals her to be quite a hottie, not that this was really the show for that. Liabilities: She's not really with the band. Current approximate level of fame: Liza Weil Deserved approximate level of fame, post-Gilmore: Becki Newton Name: Yanic Truesdale Age: 37 Occupation: Actor, actual French-speaking guy Non-Gilmore Experience: Plenty of TV, some of which is in French Assessment: You'd totally think Yanic Truesdale was putting on that accent, but you'd be wrong. He's a genuine French-Canadian person, and he's adorable and hilarious, and if Paris and Michel had their own show where they just sat on a couch eating chocolates and saying rude things about people, we would watch it. We would record it and illegally burn it to DVD. We would aspire to be like it. Truesdale has a divinely dismissive touch that's useful in almost any comedy setting, and given the Hollywood obsession with giving female characters bitchy male friends, he shouldn't have trouble keeping busy. Assets: Did we mention that's a real accent? Liabilities: We're not that happy that he was in the ABC Family schmoopsplosion See Jane Date with Charisma Carpenter, and we're even less happy that we watched it. Current approximate level of fame: French's Mustard Deserved approximate level of fame, post-Gilmore: French fries Name: Sean Gunn Age: 33 Occupation: Actor, oddity

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