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Goodbye, My Albatross

Not so funny? Zach plays an emotive "My Heart Will Go On" at Chin Chin's memorial while, in the congregation, the snootiest dogs of Stars Hollow and their respective owners look on and weep. I guess Paul Anka and Chin Chin were not friends, because he is not in attendance. Lorelai, however, listens reflectively to the song in her black dress, looking sad and beautiful.

Later, Lorelai arrives back at her house where Christopher is sitting in the dark. She is already crying as they sit on the couch. "It's not just Luke," she says after a moment. "I mean, you were right, there were feelings there. Because, when that ended, I just jumped." Christopher quietly says that he pushed her. "But if that's all it was," she says, "we could fix it, you know, with time." She says that Chris has always been a wonderful possibility for her: "But it's just not right, and I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry." Sad, Chris says that he should have known: "It took me twenty years to get you to say yes." Sobbing, Lorelai looks in his face and says that she needs him to know something: "You're the man I want to want." I don't know how David Sutcliffe is living through this, Lauren Graham is killing it that hard. He sweetly says that he does understand. "You have no idea how badly I wish..." Lorelai weeps. Chris: "I do know. I do." Lorelai continues to sob there in the dark, and to comfort her, Christopher takes her hand as we fade to black.

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